Hatha Yoga Pradipika 1 – vs 1:1-3

1  Remembering Revered Kind Dissolver 

For aspirants intending to mount to the most high royal yoga [Raja Yoga], the sun-moon teaching [Hatha Yoga] taught by the First Master makes a splendid ladder. Respectful obeisance to the First Master.

Durga Ma says . . .
We are to understand that the path of yoga begins with Hatha Yoga, sun-moon union.

♦ ♦ ♦

2  Remembering the Revered Truth Teacher

I, Svatmarama Yogi, having bowed down to my Master Teacher, am giving instruction in the sun-moon teaching only for the attainment of royal yoga.

Kripalu says . . .
Just as thirst cannot be dissipated without water, false knowledge cannot be dissipated without the truth teacher. If the lamp of devotion to teacher does not burn in a person’s inner heart, the darkness of false knowledge is not dispelled from it.

Durga Ma says . . .
Svatmarama is telling us that the purpose of Hatha Yoga, sun-moon union, is to achieve Raja Yoga, royal union.

♦ ♦ ♦

3  The Small Burning Lamp of Sun-Moon Yoga

For those who do not know royal yoga due to the false knowledge in the pitch darkness of countless doctrines (belief systems), Beloved Treasury of Compassion Yogi Svatmarama holds the burning lamp in the form of The Small Burning Sun-Moon Lamp [Hatha Yoga Pradipika]

Kripalu says . . .
When he meditates repeatedly in a solitary place, he relinquishes his control over the body. “This body is not mine,” and “I am not the body”—having resolved this, he begins meditation. He thinks, “Let the body do anything, I am not bound to it in any way.” Once this observer-state has become stable, within days the “arousal of the life energy” [pranotthana] will occur. Then it will be quite clear to him that the body, organs, life energy, etc., are not his own and that the soul is different from them.

Durga Ma says . . .
Once the “arousal of the life energy” occurs, kundalini will awaken, and not before.

Read it in prose.

♦ ♦ ♦

Durga Ma

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