Hatha Yoga Pradipika 4 – vs 1:10-11

10  The Two Aspects of Sun-Moon Yoga: Hut and Tortoise

For people being burned by the three types of burning afflictions–spiritual (of the soul), physical (of matter), and supernatural (of the ‘shining ones’: the gods, planets or stars)–sun-moon yoga is the best refuge, like a ‘place of rest’ (a sanctuary); and for aspirants practicing yoga of all kinds–knowledge yoga, devotional yoga, action yoga, etc.–it is also the tortoise that forms the foundation.

Durga Ma says . . .
Svatmarama acknowledges the universality of yoga. What do you make of the the three types of afflictions, especially the third one? It appears that the “hut” mentioned in the title of this verse is not a physical place like a house, but the practice of Hatha (sun-moon) Yoga. You’ll have to think about that tortoise: What is a tortoise? What are the characteristics of a tortoise? How is this a foundation for a Hut?

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11  The Command of Yogic Scripture:
The Sun-Moon Teaching Should Be Kept Hidden

The yogi aspiring to accomplishment must keep this sun-moon teaching well hidden, for unmanifested teaching is potent and manifested teaching is impotent.

Kripalu says . . .
Those yogic aspirants who do not show (manifest) this yogic teaching to the unqualified is potent, and the teaching of those aspirants who do show the teaching to the unqualified is impotent…the true aspirant, who keeps the teaching hidden, is well-acquainted with the yogic secrets…For the benefit of competent yogic aspirants of a high class, I give a secret clue: they should subtly reflect on these two phrases – potent teaching and impotent teaching.

Durga Ma says . . .
For the benefit of all, I give a another clue: they should subtly reflect on the term “competent.”

Read it in prose.

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Durga Ma

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