Hatha Yoga Pradipika 3 – vs 1:4-9

4  The Lineage

Beloved King-Among-Yogis Matsyendra Master, Beloved Great Yogi Goraksha Master, and other Masters, know sun-moon teaching well, and through their grace, this Svatmarama Yogi also knows this teaching.

Durga Ma says . . .
Svatmarama, is presenting his credentials as having received these teachings from these well known masters of his lineage, Matsyendra and Goraksha, through their grace. The last set of 5 articles I sent you talk about this grace.

♦ ♦ ♦

5-9  Former Teachers

Revered First Master, Matsyendra Master, Shabara Master, Ananda Bhairava Master, Chaurangi Master, Mina Master, Goraksha Master, Virupaksha Master, Vileshaya Master, Yogi Manthana Master, Bhairava Master, Siddha Master, Buddha Master, Kanthadi Master, Korantaka Master, Surananda Master, Siddhipada Master, Charpati Master, Kaneri Master, Pujyapada Master, Nitya Master, Nirañjana Master, Kapali Master, Bindu Master, Kakachandishvara Master, Allama Master, Prabhudeva Master, Dhoda Master, Choli Master, Tintini Master, Bhanuki Master, Naradeva Master, Khanda Master, Kapalika Master, and other Masters – these great accomplished ones of old, rising above death, roam the whole of creation.

Durga Ma says . . .
In this verse, Svatmarama is naming some of the masters in his lineage. I underlined the punch line. It is interesting to note that these great masters presumably rose above the belief in death, as we mere mortals seem to keep promoting (which is probably why we die in the first place). They proved this belief to be in error. If we are all like God, why would we be prone to death? I am not all that interested in staying in this world, but apparently the power to rise above death also includes roaming the whole of creation, so maybe that wouldn’t be so bad—there some interesting places out there! All the yogic scriptures I have been through talk about cheating death (including the Bible) and how to do it, so this isn’t just some exotic and rare teaching.

Read it in prose.

Durga Ma

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