OM – The Four Stages of Evolution

It might be more appropriate to call this entry, The Four Stages of Devolution. You can decide for yourself after reading it:


OM imagePronounced, A-U-M

1  Paravani, ‘beyond sound’
•  – The dot

Self:  Atman (soul, self) “I”

The dot represents the seed (bija) of unlimited potential. As a non-physical individual entity with the ability to be conscious and to act (choose), you exist in a state of perfection with your unlimited potential in a latent state.

2  Pashanti, ‘he perceives’
M – The curved line beneath the dot

Self: Asmita (sense of self) “I am”

You become aware of yourself. A line has a starting point and and end point. This suggests that something is happening, something has begun: Remember purusha and prakriti? The Perfect You, having become aware of Itself, exercises Its ability to be conscious (purusha, You with a view-point) and perceives Another (prakriti, the divine other-than-you).

3  Madyamavani, ‘middle sound’
U – The the loop below the line

Self: Ahamkara (the separate sense of self as the doer of action) “I do”

The Perfect You has become aware of Itself, exercised Its ability to be conscious, perceived differentness, and senses Itself as having been the actor in all this. This sense of doership completes the illusion that you are separate from the Whole, from God.

4  Vaishvarivani, ‘all world sounds,’ i.e., languages
A – The large symbol that looks like a three

Self: You are identified with what is other than you. “I am that”

The Perfect You no longer experiences being perfect, unlimited and free. You identify with the body, and the illusion of separation and duality is complete. You become deluded by the relative law of cause and effect, and acquire various degrees of merit and demerit according to the actions of the body and the mind. This happens because you are identified with the body and the mind as you. The senses support this belief by providing corroborative information for the mind. You become burdened with responsibilities, guilt and pride. You live from experience to experience. You either like an experience (you call this a positive feeling or emotion) and develop an attraction to it and the things that promote it, or you don’t like the way it feels (you call this a negative feeling or emotion), develop an aversion to it and try to avoid things that make you feel this way. Being run by these phenomena is common. It is now time to turn around and go the other way:

Rise Above The Ordinary


5 thoughts on “OM – The Four Stages of Evolution

  1. hi, i m currently doing an assignment on the philosophical notions of the word Aum (Om), could you please lead me the some of your resources in producing these blogs.

    thank you


  2. Khechari

    Ok, you asked for comments… I am sorry.. but I would think that Prakriti has something there… Wouldn’t you want to start with where we are today.. which would be (M) “You identify with the body, and the illusion of separation and duality is complete.” AND end with A meaning; unlimited potential? Rather the normal AUM where you end it duality and separation?


    1. Don’t be sorry. Your comments (yours and Prakriti’s) are alerting me to having put things unclearly, and I appreciate knowing that. I’ll try to find where that misunderstanding is in this post. If after reading this Reply you (or anyone else) see it, let me know.

      Where we are today is “A”, manifested as beings in a physical world, and we must start from where we are, so we say, “Aum”.


  3. prakriti

    Dear Durga Ma:
    Should we chant AUM. (Om) in reverse, .MUA (Ma) to indicate our desire to reverse the direction? It seems Om is the first sound of most chants or is that just to remember how we got here?
    Love, Prakriti


    1. No, chant OM. Ma IS the reverse. Ma is how we got here, OM is how we get back.

      Ma is the Creator, the evolution from potentiality to manifestation. Ma is how we got here. Om takes us home because it returns us from gross manifestation to the subtle, and into our original state of unlimited potential, with consciousness.

      By chanting OM, and experiencing it directly in meditation, how we got here does become apparent, so in that sense, what you say is so.

      Another way of looking at it is that chanting OM moves us from the external world to the inside of ourselves where we can then access this potential while living in this manifest world.

      Love, Durga Ma


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