OM – The Four Stages of Speech

Omkara, the Symbol
OM imagePranava, the Sound

The four stages of speech teach us about
the four stages of manifestation.

•  –  The dot, p
aravani, ‘beyond sound’
The dot represents the seed (bija) of unlimited potential, beyond speech. This unlimited potential is present in all of us.
Manifestation: All possibilities in a latent state.


M – The curved line beneath the dot, pashanti, ‘he perceives’
A general abstract notion arises in the mind and is perceived.
Manifestation: Concept

U –  The the loop below the curved line, madyamavani, ‘middle/central sound’
From this general concept, the central idea emerges.
Manifestation: Idea, thought

A –  The large symbol that looks like a three, 
vaishvarivani, ‘all world sounds,’ i.e., language
The idea, the thought, is expressed through speech on the physical plane, involving physical organs, i.e., tongue, mouth, brain.
Manifestation: Speech

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