Mystical Mini Bit — Guru Gita

Synopsis of Guru Gita-Part 2, vs 20-25 

Shiva is Guru, Guru is God. Also, there is no difference between Guru and Self. All spiritual practices are a waste without understanding this truth about Guru. For this reason, it is emphasized that anyone seeking God/Truth, should find a Guru. This is a fact that is stated in all oral teachings, regardless of the teaching lineage. The written teachings, techniques, belief systems and religions that exist in the world, only create confusion and conflict among all people.

Read the Mystical Tidbit from which this synopsis is derived, here.

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A teacher who knows union with God through experience, and how to get you there.

The real You, the divine, non-physical individual that you really are without all the packaging.

The transforming aspect of God is known as Shiva. As an individual who has mastered the highest yoga, Shiva is known as “the king of yogis.” It is in this sense that Shiva is mentioned here.

Oral Teachings
In this case, the word is smriti (the ri is a vowel). The Smritis are memorized oral teachings that were passed down through teaching lineages in verse and meter in order to preserve them and assure their authenticity.

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