Mystical Mini Bit – Ashtavakra Gita

Feel-Good Scripture
Verses 3 -7

You are not earth, water, energy, air or space. You do not belong to any class, you are not at any stage, you are not anything that can be perceived with the senses. If you can realize that what you really are is a divine, non-physical individual entity who simply witnesses all this, you will be free. If you remain in this awareness, knowing yourself as other than the body, you will become happy, peaceful and liberated while living.

Doing the right thing, not doing the right thing, experiencing pleasure and experiencing pain, are determined by mind. The mind has nothing to do with who or what you really are. You are neither the cause, the effect, nor the experiencer. You are always free and always the witness of everything.

Truly, you are already eternally free. You have but to realize this. The only cause of your bondage is that you believe yourself to be something other than what you really are.  What you really are is formless, unattached to anything, and witness of everything. So be happy!

Read the Mystical Tidbit from which this synopsis is derived, here.

Durga Ma

4 thoughts on “Mystical Mini Bit – Ashtavakra Gita

  1. Ditto. Whenever someone tells me that I have to learn something computer tech-ish or unrelated to sadhana, I balk because I don’t want any more “things” in my mental bank.

    From what you have said, I don’t think you are becoming mindless; it was too rational to be mindless. You might be having difficulty accessing what you want to access when you want to access it, but it’s all still in there.

    There is state called manonmani, mind-no-mind, in which the mind, not being engaged in anything, seems gone, but it is just not moving around, there’s no activity in some (the part you’re trying to access) or all of it. This state cannot happen by trying.

    If you should become enlightened, you will know it . . . or maybe I should say, You will real-“I”-ze it.

    Love you,
    Durga Ma


  2. I love this teaching!!! Thank you Durga Ma!
    You are neither the cause, the effect, nor the experiencer. I am not what I can lable. I wouldn’t even know that I am enlightened, if I never knew I could be seperate. That is the challege, my mind has thoughts, and my thoughts create my world that I identify with as I am the doer, and I think I am seperate from another. I am already eternally free in the moment, in the Now, one with all. But when I am in it, my natural state, I don’t even know I am there, unless I have a thought, and boom, I am out of it.


    1. Dear Khechari (AKA Lisa),

      Somehow I knew you were going to like this one. I thought of you as I wrote it. I thought we were about due for some “Feel-Good” scripture, wrought though it is by my own hand attempting to deliver it with its meaning in tact. If you like this, you will also like the other entries of the Ashtavakra Gita 1-8 and 1-15. Meanwhile, I’ll go about the business of doing another one.

      Durga Ma


      1. Khechari

        Thank you… and please be the teacher , I loved what you wrote on the first comment I made a few weeks back. I am in a place right now, that I can not drive. I think I am losing my mind. Which is not a bad thing. But I was thinking that if I couldn’t think anymore, I wouldn’t even know it, and I would actually be in a place of enlightenment, and I wouldn’t really know that either. But it would be a place that is timeless, unchangeable, and eternal. And then I thought, oh no, if this happened, I wouldn’t remember anything! But that is ok, because life is an illusion any how, and it goes by in a blink of an eye. What is.. just is. Khechari


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