Mental Yoga

A few weeks ago at a weekend retreat, because we were few we opted to modify the agenda to suit ourselves and decided unanimously to focus all of our sessions on Mental Yoga. This allowed me to get you through an introduction to all five levels (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, state-shifting, or feelings, and advanced state-shifting), and for you to learn more about your mind, get better access to it and its machinations and to better exercise your power of choice over them.

I would like to get some feedback from you on how you felt about the value of Mental Yoga. Please let me know your thoughts about this course/workshop and if you found it informative and useful. I welcome your evaluations and any questions you may have.

Durga Ma 

2 thoughts on “Mental Yoga

  1. prakriti

    Dear Durga Ma:
    I found the mental yoga discipline very interesting as I had never done anything like that before. I tend to see the world as black or white. It helped me understand that our beliefs are not absolute but ones we choose to have, for whatever reason, upbringing, culture, gender, etc. I have noticed that I tend to experience an emotion and then allow it to color my thoughts versus choosing to feel and think in an opposite manner that is more conducive to my Sadhana and well-being.
    Love, Prakriti


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