OM – Pashupat Sutras

The Sound of OM
Pashupata Sutram, Chapter 5, Sutras 24 – 28

24  The sound of OM is produced in the deep meditative state (dhyana) . . .

25  . . . [when] concentration [of prana] is held in the core of the being in the interior of the body.

26  Capable of perception by the power of hearing [not the ear] as the sound of aum, it is the essence of all knowledge, action, effects, and even power itself.

27  OM is inexpressible by speech. It is beyond the range of the mind and the sense organs. OM is Pure Speech and the name God, the bringer of the manifest from the realm of pure potential.

28  OM is Supreme God, unlimited, unequalled, guru of the guru.

The sound of OM occurs spontaneously in deep meditation. This direct communion with God happens when prana is concentrated in this one place, the core of the being, and is referred to as pranava—the vibrations of life energy, prana, cause the sound to be audible (pra-nava, reverberating forth; prana-ava, life force expressed).

The sound of OM is both with and without form, manifest and unmanifest. As formless (unmanifest), it is called Pure Sound, unlimited, eternally free, unequalled, and guru of the guru. It is called perceptible (manifest) as the ability to be conscious, and the greatest of all desires, which is union with God and which is fulfilled with the sound of OM perceived directly in deep meditation.

This profoundly beautiful and blissful experience inspires commitment within the seeker to pursue yoga to completion.

The Pashupat Sutras are from Bhagavan Lakulisha, the sadguru of Swami Kripalu, my sadguru.*

Durga Ma

Sadguru – Truth-Teacher

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