Sleuthing Scripture – Part 4 OM

The sound of OM is heard, the light is seen, the divine touch is felt. It happens spontaneously in Surrender Meditation. The following verse from the Goraksha Shataka speaks of the essential elements of OM:

That supreme light, OM, is that whose elements are the bhur, bhavah. and svah. lokas; and in whom the divinities moon, sun and fire exist.
Goraksha Shakata, 84

Word for Word Translation

bhuur bhavah. svarimelokaah. somasuuryaagnidevataah |
yasyaa maatraasu tishth.anti tat paramjyotir om. iti ||

Earth, Sky, Heaven worlds; Soma, Surya, Agni divinities |
Abide, properties-of-matter and elements [etc.], dwelling [in], that-beyond-light, Om, in-such-a-way ||

Translating the Translation

Earth, Sky and Heaven: Each has a deva—a deity, a divinity—associated with it. These divinities are Agni (the fire, or energy, of earth and living, evolving beings, kunadlini), Surya (ancestors and the energy of the Sun in the sky; prana), and Soma (the moon of Heaven and the nectar of immortality of the gods; shakti). All have their existence in OM. Thinking in the other direction, it is OM, the divine sound beyond light, that generates all this—particles, waves, matter, energy, worlds, bodies, and so on.

As It Pertains to You

As this pertains to you and your sadhana, you are simultaneously “in” all three worlds; Earth, below the diaphragm, Sky, from the diaphragm to the eyebrow center, and Heaven, above the eyebrow center. The evolutionary force (kundalini) rises through the central channel in this order. Looked at in another way: Your physical body is associated with Earth, your emotional/energy body (astral) is associated with Sky, and your mental/causal body (etheric) is associated with Heaven.

One simple verse can say a lot. What does this verse tell you? How does this verse relate to the previous verse, and how do you understand this? Do you have another take on what this verse is saying? Reply and share. Draw from your experience whenever possible; mental theorizing is fun, but experience is more useful.

Durga Ma

2 thoughts on “Sleuthing Scripture – Part 4 OM

  1. Dear Duga Ma:
    I have been thinking about this post. I have never had the experience of hearing OM (maybe one day!) but I think I understand the concept of the three bodies, physical, emotional, and mental. Sometimes as I sit for meditation one dominates and the other two are forgotten. For example, I might be completely focused on pain in my back, or an emotional upset, or lost in thoughts and not aware of the other bodies. Once in a while all three are forgotten and there is nothing but silence and awareness. This makes me realize I am more than these three bodies as there is something beyond that watches them. Moving into that state always feels the same though I cannot describe it well, like a big whoosh and a feeling of moving up and out. Dropping back into body consciousness seems jarring and heavy, like doors closing and falling down..
    Love, Prakriti


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