Divine Love

From the book, Divine Love—Narada’s Bhakti Sutras in a Nutshell.*
…The devotion that is presented in these sutras is of a very potent nature, and may seem excessive to some Western minds. In the West, we tend to regard the mind as a superior faculty. The Bhakti Sutras on the other hand, favor emotions, especially the deeper emotions of loving devotion for God and the anguish experienced when one feels separated from God. They offer guidelines for going beyond both the mind and the emotions to the supreme ecstasy of a special love called parabhakti (the greatest love)… [The Bhakti Sutras] speaks to all people of all spiritual paths…

The authorship of the Bhakti Sutras is attributed to the sage, Narada, who lived in India in ancient times, though no one seems to be certain of the exact time period.  Some say that he has incarnated in each age for the good of humankind…

Narada is said to have wandered from village to village, singing his love for God to the accompaniment of the veena, a simple stringed instrument of his own devising.  In his ecstasies, he often seemed demented and wildly intoxicated.  In spite of a mischievous streak, kings and saints alike sought his advice.

…Narada speaks of this love (parabhakti) in the following [manner]…

The one who loves God loves loving God, and seeks God out of love alone.

Love directed toward God leads to pure love.

Pure love is unconditional, the true expression of wisdom and the greatest giver of joy.

By this pure love, The Greatest Love, all imperfections are washed away, special powers are awakened, immortality is attained and one becomes completely fulfilled.  Then, there being nothing left to want, there is nothing left to gain or lose, and sorrow vanishes.

The best practice for the attainment of The Greatest Love, is the surrender of all thoughts, feelings and actions to God.  The highest sign of having attained it, is the intense anguish that is experienced when this state is lost.

Just as one cannot satisfy hunger by the mere knowledge and sight of food, similarly one cannot be satisfied by knowledge of God without The Greatest Love.  Therefore, those who seek freedom must have The Greatest Love for God as the object of their spiritual practice.

Surrender to God day and night, remembering the nature of God, free of concerns, and God will become manifest to you, and in you, as The Greatest Love…

…[which] takes the following eleven forms:

(1)  The love of glorifying the nature of God.

(2)  The love of the beauty of God.

(3)  The love celebrating God.

(4)  The love of remembrance of God.

(5)  The love of offering oneself as an instrument or servant of God.

(6)  The love of God as a personal friend.

(7)  The love of God as one’s own child.

(8)  The love of God as a lover or spouse.

(9)  The love of surrendering to God.

(10) The love of complete absorption in God.

(11) …the pain of separation from God.

My Love to You,
Durga Ma

* Divine Love is available for download at http://durgama.com/books.html

© 2001 Durga Ma, 291 South La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, California  90211. All rights reserved.  No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including the use of information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from Durga Ma.

8 thoughts on “Divine Love

  1. What I am trying to say, is that we wouldn’t see another as different. We would all be the same; Pure Love, and there would be no definition. It would just be. Durga Ma, this is so hard to write in words!!


    1. Yes, it is difficult to write about. But I think Narada had the right idea. He got out of his head, out of his mind, by being out of his mind in love with God. It covered all the bases, all the how-to teachings, just by that one thing, Supreme Love of God, and he DID see God everywhere, in everyone.

      Yoga teaches that the mind can’t get us to that place you’re trying to talk about. He’s giving us a beautiful way to achieve this by simply loving God intensely and fully. By loving the Perfect One that is Absolute (no differences, changes, time, etc.), that’s what we merge with, go into union (yoga) with, and become like, even in this world.

      People thought Narada was nuts. We should all be so wise, so courageous, so passionately in love with God. Everything that isn’t like God would fall away, leaving only our own divinity and sameness with each other. We are each a different one, but what we are is exactly the same.

      The key teaching of the sutras: Get out of our heads, out of our minds, by being out of our minds in love with God, and everything else will take care of itself.


  2. By this pure love, The Greatest Love, all imperfections are washed away, special powers are awakened, immortality is attained and one becomes completely fulfilled. Then, there being nothing left to want, there is nothing left to gain or lose, and sorrow vanishes.

    I find this quote above, is what we oberve of another in Pure Love, looking through our ego. To be in pure Love, I believe there is no judgements of imperfections, or special powers… no comparissons, no seperations to know that there are imperfections. No special powers, because you are One with the One’s will. Immortality is, because that is who we are, immortal. There are no questions. There is no begginning and no end, and it just Is. Now.


    1. Hi Khechari,

      Well, I always tend to go with what the sages say. They’ve been there and back — they’re not just reading about it, hearing about it, thinking about it or contemplating it.

      I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say. I can’t tell if you are agreeing with Narada in your own words, or if you are disagreeing.

      I’m not sure what you mean the word, “ego”. What I mean by that word is ahamkara: the sense of separate self with a view-point as doing anything, even experiencing, looking, desiring, etc.

      If you are One with the One’s will, you are One with the One. The One (God) has been described in various scriptures as bearing special powers, so how could you not also?

      Special powers are simply side-effects. They are not the point, nor is immortality, another attribute of the One and therefore of you in your natural state, what you really are as opposed to what you are being (a human mortal).

      As human beings we have imperfections galore. In what it is that we really are, we have none and no work to do.

      Durga Ma


      1. I think it would appear that Pure Love is as it is written, but I believe there would be no words for it when you are in it. No ego to compare. Nothing to see or feel but pure love. No duality Words are possibly from the ego, defining past, present and future which is not Now. Only in the now can we have pure Love. The drop of water we are individually, is now joined with the ocean.


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