Hatha Yoga Pradipika 9 — I:1-18 Summary

Pranam (bowing down) to the first master, Adhinatha, who is remembered as the source of the teachings of Hatha Yoga for the purpose of reaching Raja Yoga.

Pranam to one’s own guru before giving (or taking) instruction in order to bring forth the Truth.

Purpose of the Hatha Yoga: In order to dispel the darkness brought about by belief systems and opinions, Hatha Yoga is being taught out of compassion for the purpose of reaching Royal (Raja) Yoga.

Pranam to the lineage through whom this knowledge has been preserved and passed down.

The ultimate result of successful practice, such as rising above death, as demonstrated by those who have succeeded and who are being named in these verses.

Here begin the teachings:
(1) Hatha Yoga protects its practitioners.

(2) The teachings of Hatha Yoga should be kept hidden in order for the teachings to retain their power.

(3) The best location for a Sanctuary for this practice is described.

(4) Directions are given for creating the actual Sanctuary.

(5) Conditions of the Sanctuary and the practitioner for beginning the practice of Hatha Yoga.

(6) The Six Enemies of Hatha Yoga.

(7) The Six True Friends of Hatha Yoga.

(8) Ten previously learned and achieved principles describe how this practitioner conducts himself/herself, or that would arise as a result of Hatha Yoga practiced naturally (through surrender to God).

(9) Ten previously learned principles that arise as a result of mastering the previous ten principles, or as a result of Hatha Yoga practiced naturally (surrender), that describe the attitude and observances, and experiences (surrender), of the practitioner.

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