The Mind and How It Works – Part 1

What the Mind Is  

It’s always good to know more about what you’re living with every day.  It is hoped that by knowing more about your mind, it might run you around the block a little less, giving you more freedom to make your own choices consciously, more flexibility for understanding things better, more influence due to your mastery of such a mysterious thing as a mind, and more competence with everything in general.

The mind is a conglomerate of consciousness, energy, and all its concomitant functions. It is filled with things perceived through the senses along with their opposites. Just as a flute is mute until the musician plays it, the mind is merely an instrument.

The mind is the mother of the brain. Just as we have said about the senses—you have eyes because you can see, it’s not the other way around—you can think of the relationship between the brain and the mind in the same way: you have a brain because you have a mind. Knowing more about the mind and how it works will tell you something about yourself, and will very likely shed some light on your current situation as a non-physical individual entity presently taking up residence in a human body.

What the Mind Isn’t

The mind, and the brain for that matter, is not intelligent. It only appears to be intelligent because of the all-knowing-You behind it. (You really do know everything, though it’s a little daunting trying to get access to all of that information whenever we want.)

You have eyes because you can see, but it isn’t really the eyes that see. Take away the vision center in the brain and the eyes are still there with their images, but still the eyes do not see. The eyes are just an external instrument. The mind has to reach out to a seeable object and bring an image back to the vision center in the brain before the eyes can see it. The same goes for the other four senses.

It All Began With You

Self or Soul (Atman)

In the Absolute, you exist as a non-physical individual entity in a blissful state of perfection, with unlimited potential and the same qualities attributed to God. You have the ability to be conscious and to become self-aware. You have free-will and the ability to employ it, so you do . . .

Sense of Self (Asmita) 

You become self-aware. You are aware of your own existence.

Self and Other (Purusha & Prakriti) 

Having become self-aware, you exercise your ability to be conscious and you become aware of another self. You are now conscious of something other than You, from the point-of-view of You. There is You (purusha) and there is other-than-You (prakriti). Duality has made its entrance and generates a powerful force from which your own individual mind is produced.

© Copyright 2009, revised 2012, Durga Ma and Phoenix Metaphysical Institute, L.L.C. All rights reserved.

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In the next installment, we will continue with Part Two on the subject of The Individual Mind next week.

Durga Ma

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