Online Meditation Teacher Training & Certification

Teach Meditation to Anyone and Everyone

Take the woo-woo out of meditation and teach the real thing—you may be surprised.

  • Supplement your income or go full-time
  • Learn online or locally
  • Start anytime
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Continued support

A Unique Approach

This program has been designed, piloted and extensively tested over a period of more than twenty years by Durga Ma, a qualified, credentialed and experienced teacher.

With this flexible system of teaching, you will make meditation easy and enjoyable for anyone and everyone, regardless of spiritual or scientific orientation, religion or belief system. Meditation is natural to everyone, so it is easy and pleasant for anyone when taught with this orientation. The courses associated with this training are simple and concise without sacrificing authenticity.

The courses you would be learning to teach not only teach meditation and provide options for meditating, including options that you will probably never find anywhere else, but include personal experiments that will open access to your own mind and increase your ability to master your life. You will open the door to personal power and the ability to access it in everyday life, and in the context of a special meditation that sorts out the type of meditation that is most natural and beneficial for you. In this Teacher Training program, you will learn how to teach all of this and more, to others.

Additional training is available for teaching advanced courses in surrender meditation, maximizing meditation, designing a life harmonious with each individual’s primary aim, as well as Mental Yoga, Ten Keys to Success, and Ancient Mystical Writings.

Learn more at . . .
Durga – Teacher Training
Phoenix Metaphysical – Teacher Training
View the Curriculum at a glance—9 courses with teacher training and certification in each, and more . . .

Dear Ones,

Please join me in this endeavor to make meditation known, understood and available to all people, and become a member of our teaching family.

Durga Ma

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