Upward Flow

Some powers may be attained early on in one’s sadhana. These are the more worldly powers that can be achieved by a yogi of the pravritti marga (path of the will) or the nirvritti marga (path of surrender) but are a hinderance to any yogi seeking liberation (moksha). A yogi may encounter such powers all or in part earlier and throughout sadhana. Miraculous, or superhuman powers on the other hand, arrive only after the attainment of nirbija samadhi and urdhvareta, spontaneous upward flow, the key to liberation from the cycles of birth and death. 

A liberated yogi is a jivan mukti, liberated by stages while living, or paramukti, fully and finally liberated, overcoming birth and death, the ultimate effect of which is Divine Body and the attainment of the eight super human powers (Yoga Sutras III:45 and 46).

During Hatha Yoga (sun-moon union), Kundalini, seated at the first chakra, tries to become upward-trending in order to bring about Raja Yoga (royal union) and establish Herself at the sixth chakra. Of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Hatha Yoga involves the third, fourth and fifth limb, and Raja Yoga the sixth, seventh and eighth limb.

During Hatha Yoga (sun-moon union), by means of various purifying actions, holds and seals (kriyas, bandhas and mudras), prana, the life energy whose trend is upward and warming, is attracted downward in order to unite with apana, whose trend is downward and cooling. Their union is the union of sun and moon (prana and apana). Once united, they try to rise up the sushumna nadi (central channel). In the beginning, this is only partially successful but increases over time. Eventually, the energy begins to rise upwards and into the head to produce samadhi. So it could be said that the yogi is practicing Raja Yoga for at least a few minutes during his Hatha Yoga sadhana. Ultimately however, Raja Yoga, the union of the soul with God, becomes established when Kundalini is established at the sixth chakra, and nirbija samadhi and urdhvareta (upward flow) are achieved, the nectar of immortality is drunk, and the body begins its transformation…..

Not a mental imagining or fantasy, not a dream, not an altered state of consciousness, the physical body undergoes a profound, dynamic event:

In love, longing and crying out for God, Grace descends. Through the tears and sobs of separation comes awareness of the ascent of Kundalini-prana, not as before when rising upward from the basal plexus, but powerfully and intensely sucked upward into the head until it seems the skull must surly burst. It is intolerable. It is ecstasy. It is Divine. There in the head, the energy continues to accumulate, pulled upward by some invisible tractor beam at the top of the head, pressure building until finally it explodes. But even then the pull continues, never stopping, a golden fountain ejecting nectar from the top of the head into the ether and into the body — upward flow is inward flow. On it goes, the crying now a cry of ecstasy. And the body, an electrical sub-station bent on overload, drinks the nectar, not tasting with the tongue but imbibed by the whole body, by every single, individual, joy-filled cell. This goes on for a very long time.

The aftermath is barely different than the event itself. The imbibing of the nectar continues, the current strong and vital, the energy like lightening bolts coursing throughout the body. There is no sleep and no awake. There is the thought, the knowledge, that this could kill the body. There is no resistance to this idea, and on it continues.

Eventually, the pain sets in. There is no resistance to this either. It continues for days and days as the energy goes about the business of attempting to transform base metal into gold, giving tapas (burning, melting) a whole new meaning: the body is on fire. It trembles. The mind stops thinking. There is no resistance to any of this. And on it goes. It is intolerable. It is ecstasy. It is Divine.

And as if once were not enough, this event is repeated two more times in the space of two weeks, each time upping the amps, the voltage, the pressure, the trembling, the fire, the weak-in-the-knees, the agony and the ecstasy, the mind a drop-out from the think-tank with which it was once so familiar. Still, there is no resistance. On it goes.

How can I write this with no functional mind? I can’t. The pain, pressure, burning, is too great. Divine Mother has written it, and having done so has granted a release from the body’s anguish; I can breathe normally for now, but I will never be the same again.

Does this suggest that the writer of this event is in the process of developing Divine Body? Perhaps, perhaps not. But this is certainly trying to happen.

In our present-day western culture, obtaining the proper conditions for sadhana as stated in the scriptures is difficult if not impossible. Without the ability to come by these conditions, one finds that impurities inevitably continue to enter the body giving it more to have to pass through at this point in sadhana, causing pain and other intolerable sensations. The impurities must be removed or transformed, an uncomfortable process, and one that could be too much for the body to handle. Nevertheless, at this juncture, sadhana will continue due to the devotion and commitment of the the one seeking final liberation. To this person, there is simply nothing left to want or to do that isn’t upstaged by this aim.

I encourage all of my initiates of any age on this journey to immediately begin to prepare for early retirement, get all your ducks in a row and sequester a buffer fund so that everything is arranged in the event that this stage is reached and you choose to go on with it. Because one is prepared in practical matters involving money, investments, and where the body might live, one can go on with the sadhana if one wishes. If one is not prepared though, the option to do so can easily disappear and leave one feeling out on a limb, alone, helpless and without purpose. Whatever happens, if you have prepared for it, even if you decide not to go forward with the sadhana at this turning-point, think how nicely you have prepared for a sweet life empowered by conscious choice.

Durga Ma

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5 thoughts on “Upward Flow

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  2. Anonymous

    The mind/ego complex which experiences all these sensations and the ego which wants to plan for the future with sufficient funds is still very much alive, oblivious of the pure self.


    1. Arthur

      The mind or ego are experiences, they are not the one who experiences. As long as their is a body (such as the one typing these words), and as long as their is a mind (such as the one formulating these thoughts), there is an ego. The absence of the ego is certainly not required for Self-realization. Only identifying with the body, mind, or any other object of awareness prevents the revealing of the true Self. That being said, once realization has occurred, life goes on. “After ecstasy, the laundry.”


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