Sahaja Yoga

Uplift the world and her people from conflict and suffering, UPLIFT YOURSELF !

This statement is not just a sentiment or an opinion. It should be obvious that we are all connected. If you accept that you are created in the image of God, you are Its own likeness, just as we all are, so how could it be otherwise?

To improve the world by improving ourselves, it is vital that we each pursue a means of attaining union, communion, with God, Truth, the Divine, directly. In doing so, we will affect everyone else and help to bring everyone forward to their natural state of perfection, goodness and joy, for what one of us does inevitably affects everyone else. Our own individual endeavors, scientifically and experientially proven to get us there, will have contributed not only to our own fulfillment but to the victory of peace, enlightenment and paradise on Earth for every living being. The following is one such established means:

Sahaja Yoga   

We have had discussions on Hatha Yoga (sun-moon union) and Raja Yoga (royal union) and their results, including special powers and liberation from the cycles of birth and death. The subject of this and the next few installments concerns one means, one special practice, that handles everything you have read here on these subjects, in a simple and easy way that is natural to everyone.

Sahaja Yoga (natural union) has long been used as one of the names of the natural sadhana (practice) of shaktipat kundalini yoga. The name is descriptive: Sahaja Yoga is a natural means of bringing one into union with Truth, God, the Divine, and the direct experience of individual divinity. By natural, I don’t mean trees and grass, but something that is inherent to you, and therefore effortless. Being natural to you, it is fast, efficient and uncomplicated.

Sahaja Yoga is so simple in fact, that it has a way of aggravating the mind into trying to figure out and understand the obvious. The next few entries are meant to give you enough information about this practice to get your mind to take a rest, to help you to determine if this practice is of interest to you, and if so, how to go about it.

Durga Ma

Sahaja = natural, “produced together or at the same time; innate, hereditary, natural; always the same as from the beginning; natural state or disposition.”

Sa = junction, conjunction, similarity, equality; with, together or along with

Ha = a form of Shiva, Lakulisha

Saha = powerful, mighty, overcoming, able, capable of; together with, along with

Ja = swift, victorious; born or descended from, produced or caused by, connected with, peculiar to

Yoga = union; the act of yoking together, joining; remedy, means, undertaking. From yuj, to yoke together + ghan, auspicious, fortunate.

List of installments on Sahaja Yoga

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