Making a Global Shift

How we might make a global shift was suggested in an earlier blog: “We must all move toward Truth together.” I also suggested a way to think of Truth, or God: “love, abundance, harmlessness and ever new joy.” This corresponds to what I believe each of us is really like—everything else is packaging. What each of us is, is the same: we are Truth, we are each like God.

All that is, is God, manifest as the world and non-manifest as pure potential. Because God is without limitation, we are without limitation, so anything is possible for us.

Even though we are each unique as individuals, we are all the same in what it is that we really are. This commonality connects us with each other as a unit, one family that shares these same qualities:

We are each unconditional love, abundance,
harmlessness and ever new joy.

These are my own beliefs, which are based on scripture, what I have learned, and my own experience, but I realize that they are not universal. Some would say that there is a God, but that this God is not everything. This belief may seem contradictory to the idea that we are each essentially God-like, but unless you see God as having a competitor (enter the devil), or unless you see yourself as not like God, not “in the image of God,” we are each still left with this same divine quality. It is this sameness that makes a global shift possible.

The moment we start thinking of defeating some evil, fighting the devil, battling a diseases, etc., we create a thought-belief that is contrary to what I am proposing. Many people do believe in this duality however, for they see the suffering in this world—war, famine, disease, and worse—and cannot see how God could ever be love, abundance, harmlessness and joy, and still allow these things to happen. They make a good case. However, there is an explanation: God didn’t do it, we did.

In what it is that we really are, we have the same features as God. One of these features is the ability to choose, or “free will.” With this ability, we can make choices that are harmonious or inharmonious with our true nature of love, abundance, harmlessness and joy. Because we are all connected through our sameness, our choices not only affect ourselves, but everyone else as well. We have a positive effect on everyone when we think and act in harmony with our true nature. This is what I am suggesting we begin to pay more attention to, and act accordingly.

We affect everyone positively when we
think and act harmoniously with our true nature:
unconditional love, abundance,

harmlessness and joy.

Some call an inharmonious choice, “sin.” Once an inharmonious choice is acted upon, it is sin—we “miss the mark,” which is what the word means, and we can make some real whoppers. We affect everyone with our mistakes, and we all make them. But once we get the idea our divine nature and our sameness, and put this together with our power of choice, we begin to see that we are SCARY POWERFUL.

It takes more courage than most of us have to accept this much power. But guess what…we already have it. We have had it all along, so we might as well use it to advantage. We must face being this powerful if we are to contribute to shifting things away from suffering to our natural state of love, abundance, harmlessness, and joy.

I am not asking you to change any beliefs that you already have, but I am inviting you to expand them to include the possibility that this is true: that you have power, that you are divine love, abundance, harmlessness and joy, and that you can cause a positive shift for yourself and everyone else by thinking and acting accordingly. Consider it an experiment.

Every step you take is progress, and takes every one of us with you.
Thank you.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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