Shaktipat Initiation and Kundalini

With the release of the life energy in the body through shaktipat initiation, the evolutionary force, kundalini, awakens naturally.

Once shaktipat has released the life energy from the thralldom of the mind and the will, it is necessary to keep it that way if one wants to augment spiritual development, become enlightened and attain liberation. To achieve these aims, a regular practice is needed. By practice, I mean a commitment to give Kundalini-Shakti Her way for a specific amount of time each day: For an hour or two every day, surrender everything you think you are—body, mind, feelings, personality, actions—to Her, to Truth, to God, and allow whatever happens to happen in the confines of your meditation. Following certain conditions will make this practice so easy and appealing that you won’t even have to try to get yourself to do it.


Nowadays, kundalini is all the rage. I have gotten e-mails from people asking for shaktipat because they want their kundalini to awaken. Most of these letters come from people who are at an age that their kundalini is entering a phase of final shut-down—it is already awake and getting tired of waiting around. Some are unaware that this is the case. Others just want it to be free. Not recognizing that kundalini is ready and waiting, these sincere people look for someone out there to awaken it. Then there are those who just want their kundalini to be awake because it is fashionable in the circles in which they move. These people do not want to learn anything or make any effort themselves, believing that shaktipat from some master is all that is needed for them to become enlightened and thereby safely ensconced in their spiritual-social circle. What they do not realize is that they must be ready for it, or the initiation will not have any effect.

We should all understand that kundalini is not to be messed with. She can be troublesome if what you want in life is not consistent with Her agenda. The Shiva Samhita states that “kundalini is for the liberation of yogis and the fettering of fools.” This should make it clear that there is something that comes first, and that one’s aims should at least include liberation, which is approached through yoga (union).

When I say that kundalini is not to be messed with, I mean She should not be forcefully awakened or controlled. Really, how would you feel if you were made to sleep and then abruptly awakened? Well, She’s going to have the same reaction and you’re either going to get into some deep water, or suppress Her again.

If your kundalini is awakening, you may have experiences that you don’t understand. Due to preconceived ideas concerning kundalini and Her awakening, you may believe that it is not awake when it is, or that it is awake when it is not. You may believe you are enlightened, a highly conscious being who is ready to teach the world, or you may feel that there is something wrong with you, or with the person who initiated you.

The Natural Awakening and Ascension of Kundalini

We have all gotten into this complication and confusion we call life, from the top down: we have descended into bodily forms. To reverse suffering and strife and unnatural complexity, we must ascend, rise above it. For this to happen naturally, the evolutionary force, kundalini, said to be lying dormant at the basal plexus of the body, must be allowed to awaken and to turn upward and ascend. The operative word here is “allowed.”

It is best to allow Kundalini to awaken naturally. After all, She wants to be awake, but since society does not want this, we must be shrewd, clever and a little subversive in our approach. In other words, we must approach kundalini just as She would approach an aim of Her own: shrewdly, cleverly and subversively, She will undermine the power and authority of the established system of your own mind and sense of yourself as the controller of things.

Trying to force kundalini to awaken is a ridiculous idea, for She is dormant only because we cannot give up trying to control everything ourselves. Nevertheless, She waits patiently for our acceptance of Her natural propensity for rising upward to change our lives, as well as the outcome of our lives, and take us to our natural, divine state. To allow Her this freedom is to surrender to Her, a subversive act that undermines the established authority of the ego that says, “I’ll do it myself!”

Jaya Shakti,
Durga Ma

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