Pashupata Sutram I: 19-44

By doing this, yoga begins, bringing about powers of remote seeing, hearing and thought-knowing…

This is the last of the remaining sutras of chapter one. There is very little commentary as the sutras seem to unfold smoothly. Chains of thought should be recognizable by noticing commas, periods, etc.

PPS Warning

Translations are in bold
Any commentary that follows is my own.

I.19  By doing this,

The reference is to the previous sutras:

I.20  Yoga (union) begins,

I.21  Bringing about powers of remote seeing, hearing and thought-knowing,

I.22  All-knowingness,

I.23  And with the swiftness of thought…

I:24  Assuming any appearance or form desired…

I:25  Without using any means.

I:26  One’s dharma (absolute power) is attained.

One’s dharma is that which is in accordance with the true nature of the individual. The divine individual that you truly are is already in possession of the above mentioned powers, so they are your dharma.

Dharma is translated by Kaundinya as ‘merit’. Both interpretations are valid.

I:27  All can be subdued by you,

I.28  [But] you cannot be subdued by them.

I:29  You enter into all,

I.30  [But] they cannot inter into you.

I.31  They can all be killed by you,

I.32  [But] you cannot be killed by them.

I.33  Fearless,

I.34  Indestructible,

I.35  Ageless,

I.36  Deathless,

I.37  And unobstructed everywhere,

I.38  The gunas* yoked, you become a Great Player.

When the sources of activity (gunas) are yoked together and thus cancelled out, you become a Great Player.

Closing Prayer:

I.39  Now think these thoughts like a chant or a prayer done softly:

I:40  “I am approaching Eternal Truth, the Self-Existent One.

I:41  With certainty I surrender to That One…

I:42  Who exists as all that is Real and therefore Eternal, and nothing else,

I:43  My own True Love,

I:44  Origin of all that comes to be.”

* Gunas – The three qualities of nature. The interaction of the gunas with each other causes all action (like weather fronts do). This realization suggests an egoless state—you realize that you never did anything in the first place!  And now you’re a Great Player!


Durga Ma

Surrender Meditation
Sahaja Yoga, Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga

Shaktipat Diksha
Shaktipat Intensives & Remote Shaktipat

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