Sleuthing Scripture – Pashupat Sutras II:1-2

As you may have gathered by now, most of my scripture commentaries are geared to getting you to think things through for yourself, and to help you to go about doing this. Yes, what I am putting forth in my commentaries is valid, but it is always good to see if you can go deeper than I can go with a bunch of letters strung into words that are strung into sentences, in a limited space and time frame. Deeper is always good, but the opposite may also be valid—what might a teaching be if it were less esoteric? It is also interesting to see what happens if you take a sutra literally, whenever possible.

There are undoubtedly many ways to translate and interpret these sutras to address various stages of sadhana. For instance, my own translation of the first sutra in chapter two (vama) is “Left”, but another translator translates this sutra as, “Left Is the name of the Lord,” and yet another says, “Adverse or acting contrary.” Although each of these translations seem so different, they all are correct. But what do they mean?

You may want to contemplate my translation and commentary, and the two other translations, and see what comes closest to applying to you and your own sadhana. If you want to re-work the translation altogether, make sure consistency is maintained throughout in order to be able to assume that you are on a valid course of interpretation.

You have not had my experiences concerning these teachings. You have either had your own experiences, or you have had no experience of these teachings at all. So use your own experience, or use your mind and your intuition, to see what more you can squeeze out of these sutras.

In the hope that you might now be feeling a spirit of adventure, I’d like to provide you with a little something to play with. Look at chapter two, sutras 1 and 2 again, and consider some of the meanings of vama, the Sanskrit word that is sutra number one (definitions are below). Contemplate an idea you have, and ask yourself questions about your idea. Ask yourself questions, and ask yourself questions about your answers, and see what you come up with.

Remember that sutras are cues for remembering more complete teachings, and consider what you think these teachings may be. And remember to maintain consistency: does your interpretation of a sutra agree with the sutras that precede it and follow it? Then decide if you think your conclusion is valid, and whether you think it is or not, write it down somewhere. It may come in handy later.

Have fun, Sherlock!
Durga Ma

Left (proper noun)
the left hand side
situated on the left side
from the left
the left hand
adverse, unfavorable
any dear or desirable good
hard, cruel, contrary, opposite
acting in the opposite way or differently
in a pleasant or lovely manner
a woman or a wife

Shaktipat Diksha
Shaktipat Intensives & Remote Shaktipat

Surrender Meditation
Sahaja Yoga, Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga

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