Shifting Perception

In Surrender Meditation, one surrenders oneself to the power of shakti, prana, kundalini, the feminine Divine.

My teacher was a patriarch. The last time I saw him before he left this plane of existence, he directed me to “bring back the worship of the goddess.” Looking at the many icons of male deities, I noticed how feminine they looked. I thought about this. And then I thought more about women.

Women have almost always and everywhere been owned, first by their fathers and then by their husbands. Women are either mothers, daughters, crones or whores (spinsters, old maids and divorcees being unworthy of mention). In some belief systems, women are only half human until they are married, in others systems, they can only enter into heaven if they are married. In some cultures, female children are considered liabilities and may be killed at birth, while male children are assets. Widows are shunned, while widowers are consoled and retain respect. Yet many of these same belief systems claim to hold women in higher regard than themselves (the men).

Goddess – a female deity
Worship – spiritual practice, sadhana

Women seem to be willing to do or sacrifice anything for their children. They are protectors, surprisingly strong, and have an amazing capacity for endurance. They tend to have an affinity for the natural, are not generally afraid of emotions, love to love, and know how to surrender.

So, God as male, or God as female? It seems confusing when all these things are considered, but the issue is actually irrelevant. God/Truth is beyond duality and the limitations of gender. To think otherwise is the essence of idolatry.

A shift in perception is needed.

What you truly are is Divine, free of all forms of suffering.

Suffering for points or gain, including martyrdom, must end. This is not natural for anyone. It is proud, aggressive and forceful, whether one is male or female, and only brings grief.

Suffering and self-flagellation of any kind will not get anyone to union with God. It won’t even burn off your karma — you only create more karma by self-flagellating. Violence and suffering-for-points has been engrained in society worldwide for thousands of years — “no pain, no gain,” “go for the burn,” “competition is a good thing,” “war on drugs,” “fight disease,” and so on.

I do not believe that either anarchy or matriarchy is the answer; they are just the flip side of the same old patriarchal coin. We must move toward Truth together to see the face of God directly, to know that God is love, abundance, harmlessness and never-ending joy — and so are we. To see this in others, we must see it in ourselves.

God is love, abundance, harmlessness and never-ending joy,
and so are we.

The whole world is one family.

We can remind ourselves of this whenever we think or feel otherwise. If this is all we ever do, it is a good practice that will inevitably move us closer to fulfillment and a better world.

Surrender sadhana is Goddess Worship. When one surrenders the body, feelings and mind to God in meditation, one is practicing Goddess Worship. Surrender to God is surrender to Goddess: shakti, prana, kundalinii. The following excerpt from the High Noon course, Surrender Meditation, says…

Energy is a main feature of meditation and spiritual practices in general. In Eastern tradition, energy is power and is considered female. It is a subtle manifestation of the Divine. Because it performs so many different functions, it has many different names. Three of these names are shakti, prana, and kundalini.

Shakti is the Divine Energy whose function is to get things going. Usually translated into English as “power,” it is shakti that makes things happen. Because it is shakti that gets things started, it is sometimes used synonymously with the word “initiation.” Shakti is another name for “Holy Spirit.”

Prana is shakti in a body. This Life Energy, prana, is the power that sustains and maintains your life. Prana’s job is to sustain and maintain the body. It keeps you alive. When prana leaves the body, this is known as death.

Kundalini is the evolutionary power. It is through kundalini that we can evolve to our natural state of perfection, Divine Love and Joy, and become liberated. Kundalini means “little coiled one.” DNA is kundalini’s physical form in the body.

In Surrender Meditation, through shaktipat (initiation), and by delegating authority over your body, feelings and mind in meditation to God, prana is free to act in your best interest. When prana has been free long enough and thoroughly enough, the stage is set for the spontaneous awakening of kundalini.

I have chosen to surrender to That which I wish to know and to be united with. I have used surrender sadhana, Goddess Worship, for this purpose and it has worked. It requires a shift in perception, a radically different way of looking at meditation and everything else, and allows for alignment and ultimate union with Truth, naturally. It works regardless of religion, atheism, agnosticism, tradition, lineage, or belief systems of any kind, for Truth is not dependent on our beliefs.

Pranamas to Divine Mother Shakti.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that you really are),
Durga Ma

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