Pashupata Sutram II:15-17

These are not ordinary or normal practices. The usual gifts and sacrifices are offerings of various of one’s possessions and services which, though this is beneficial, does not bring liberation.

The Teachings of the Immortal, Lord Lakulisha,
Twenty-Eighth Incarnation of Lord Shiva.

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Translations are in bold
Commentaries that follow are my own.

II:15  Surpassing gift, surpassing sacrifice,

Other translators:
A superexcellent gift and sacrifice.
Lavishly gave and sacrificed.

“Gift” refers to the gift of one’s self. Sacrifice refers to ash-bath (chapter one, 1-6). These are not ordinary or normal practices. The usual gifts and sacrifices are offerings of various of one’s possessions and services which, though this is beneficial, does not bring liberation.

II:16  And also surpassing austerity, or penance (tapas)….

Other translators:
And the penance of the super excellent penance.
Severely practiced penances also.
And suffering the penance again and again.

Because we practice surrender sadhana and now understand what is meant by “gift and sacrifice”, we might rephrase this sutra this way: “Surpassing tapas takes place because one surrenders oneself (gives) and sacrifices (ash-bath) repeatedly.”

These two sutras (15 and 16) should relieve the mind of learned ideas about sacrifice, austerity and penance (tapas), and giving. We find that they are not what we had believed them to be. In fact, we already know them, but because our circumstances have previously been ordinary, or normal, we have seen them as things we would rather avoid, when in fact, they are blessings in disguise.

By surrendering oneself to God (giving), sacrifice (ash bath), which is tapas, the natural means of attaining purity and fitness for union with God, occurs effortlessly and spontaneously in meditation.

So we see that these three—gift, sacrifice and austerity (tapas)—are all-inclusive. They are our means of advancing, through the sacrifice of ash-bath and tapas, by giving ourselves in surrender to God.

Tapas – From tap, ‘to burn or melt’. Tapas is the sacred fire that melts away impurities. Austerity and penance are common translations.

REMINDER: The point is not the suffering, but purification. It is not the side effects of overheating, headaches, restlessness, sleeplessness, etc., that is tapas, it is the process of purification that is tapas. Tapas is how purification takes place. Uncomfortable sensations are side-effects, and do not always accompany purification.

II:17    Which takes one to the highest state.

Other translators:
That leads (the sadhaka) to the highest state (union with Pashupati).
Enables us to reach the unreachable.
Thus attaining greatness.

Greatness, or the “highest state”, refers to the highest state of yoga, union with God and liberation.

So is there another state of yoga?

Yes. Before one can reach this “highest state”, the sun and the moon must unite. This is Ha-tha (sun-moon) Yoga (union), the union of prana and apana at the base of the spine that awakens the evolutionary force, kundalini. Or we could say that the united prana and apana is kundalini. This is Hatha Yoga, which one must pass through in order to reach Raja Yoga, royal union, and the highest samadhi.

II:18    From that…

On account of that…
Because of that…

° ° ° ° °

I believe that I am slowly learning not to overwhelm with too much at one time, so yes, I am leaving you hanging in the hope that you will return to find out what the outcome of this will be.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that you really are),
Durga Ma

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3 thoughts on “Pashupata Sutram II:15-17

  1. Galen

    Thank you Mother Durga

    The gift of self, surrender, tapas keep me struggle-ling to understand. How can I give a gift of self when I am unaware of the truth? Surrender is the start of my day but I fail to feel depth of the true
    surrender of self. I am presently in a struggle with self and Self(I have always been in a struggle) over a matter. It seems to me it is the hottest time when this occurs (self and Self) to end this “matter” in my life only to fail in the process. It does re-occur over and over and over. I get so tired at times that I just want to give up but that too is never successful, I think it gives me a cushion of relief before the matter re-occurs.
    Thank you


    1. Dear Galen,

      It is because we live unaware of our true selves that we resort to surrender in the first place. Swami Kripalu did this sadhana and it was He who wrote, “In the whole of my life you are the master alone; How can I give you this body mind I don’t own?” We do this kind of sadhana in order to get better and better at surrender so that Truth will be unveiled to us. The struggle you mention is something that your mind is doing, not you. What you truly are does nothing at all. This eternal Truth, oxymoron though it may seem, is the reason why surrender works (because it is the way things really are). The getting-tired-and-wanting-to give-up is leading you to deeper surrender, which will ultimately lead you to Truth (see how Shakti works with what’s at hand?). If you get impatient, just try to imagine how long we have been involved in life and identification with matter, and the time spent with sadhana will not seem like very much. We do the best we can, starting from where we are in this life, and march onward no matter what. Success is guaranteed.

      Love, Durga Ma

      P.S. Notice that in distinguishing these things (self, Self, matter) you are noticing things that go right over most people’s heads, and give yourself a few points.


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