Pashupata Sutram II:21-27

By surrendering yourself to God, you can look fear in the face. By looking fear in the face you are automatically separated from it—you can’t be what you’re looking at. From this new perspective fear is powerless over you.

The Teachings of the Immortal, Lord Lakulisha,
Twenty-Eighth Incarnation of Lord Shiva.

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Translations are in bold
Commentaries that follow are my own.

II:21    Now think these thoughts like a chant or a prayer done softly:

This sutra is pointing to something subtle. Until now in this chapter, we have discussed the practice, but now we are ending with a prayer in the form of thought.

Why thought?

Thought is subtle compared to speech or to the events of practice. This sutra may be telling us that the spontaneous actions that take place in meditation can be followed by effects that are subtle, even unidentifiable to us, but nevertheless powerful. This prayer clues us in to the nature of these effects.

II:22    I surrender to the Left and Best Player, to the Most Excellent, and to Rudra; 

The Left Player:  Surrender to the Left Player is surrender to God as that which causes the ascension of the life force in the body with kundalini-shakti, and the establishment of it at the sixth chakra.

The Most Excellent Player:  By worshipping* that which you wish to know and unite with, that objective is attained. So surrender to God as the highest siddha, the Most Excellent, the Best Player, and you become a siddha, one who has attained the highest objective.

* Worship: sadhana, the spiritual practices of your path.

Rudra:  Surrender to Rudra is surrender to God as that which deliverers you from fear. Because you have surrendered yourself to God, you are protected and can afford to look fear in the face, and even to see what is behind the fear. By looking your fear in the face, you are automatically separated from the fear because you can’t be what you’re looking at. Now you will see fear from a new perspective, a perspective that is neutral and nonthreatening, and therefore powerless over you.

More on this here and here.

II:23    To the Dissolver, I surrender;

The Dissolver:  The translation “dissolver” is from the Sanskrit, kaala, which has to do with time, or periods of time, and darkness: Time is the dissolver-destroyer; the darkness is ignorance. What is getting destroyed is the ignorance.

Surrender to the Dissolver is surrender to that which dissolves such states by separating you from the body, senses and sense objects. How this takes place is mentioned above and in the previous sutra.

In Surrender Meditation, this dissolution shows up as pratyahara, the spontaneous separation of the senses from objects of sense. As pratyahara matures, the sense faculties* separate from the sense organs, and one perceives directly. In this stage of samadhi, one sees the Real without the use of the eyes, hears It without the ears, and so on.

* Sense Faculties: the five powers, or abilities, to perceive.

II:24    To the Dissolver as The Producer of Change;

The Producer of Change is Pashupati. Pashupati means Lord of the Fettered.* As Lord, or Master, Pashupati is associated with the powers of perception in a different way. For Pashupati, there is nothing in the way, no obstacles or obstructions. So again, surrender to that which you wish to know and be united with. Be rid of the obstructions produced by indirect perception through the senses, the cause of identification with with the body, mind and senses and states of attachment and aversion, ignorance and knowledge, etc.

* Lord of the Fettered: The lord, or master, of something is one who is not under its control. Pashupati is not fettered, bound, but is mukti, free and without limitation.

II:25    To the Power that churns things up in spite of one’s own will, I surrender;
II:26    To the tamer of the senses that
overpower all beings, I surrender;

These sutras speak to the strength of obstructive states such as attachment, aversion, ignorance, knowledge, desire, etc., their power to torment you, and the strength necessary to overcome them. We are advised to surrender to the Power that is superior in this, and has the ability to subdue you and do it for you in spite of yourself … to your great relief.

II:27    To Mind-No-Mind, I surrender.

Surrender to Mind-No-Mind is surrender to That which is beyond the mind-that-receives-input-through-the-senses.

Surrender to Mind-No-Mind is surrender to Absolute God, beyond cause and effect. Fully surrendered, accepting everyone as divine without exception, one enters into nirbija samadhi,* the highest samadhi, and is merged with the Absolute.

* Nirbija, without-seed, is also called asamprajnata, without a knowable. With this samadhi, there is no sense of self, no knowing, nothing to know. All is merged in the eternal joy of the Absolute, void of all desires (there is nothing left to desire when all is attained). It cannot be described.

Jaya Bhagavan (Victory to God!),
Durga Ma

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4 thoughts on “Pashupata Sutram II:21-27

  1. Sandra Luce

    I had this thing called fear…When i finally faced it and it literally blew up…I was outside early morning by the woods…I just fell to the ground..The rest of the day I was exhausted…I know longer have this awful feeling..I want to thank you Durga Ma this road we are traveling is beautiful…Namaste…


  2. Galen

    At this time and I am talking within the last two weeks or so I have been going through an internal struggle that has been life long. I want to face this yet still I block which must come to be sooner or later. I hurt in this struggle, the miseries and agony overpower me to exhaustion. Will it be this time that I face what I have been avoiding? Thank you mother durga, thank you



    1. Dear Galen,

      You may write me directly through Phoenix Metaphysical if you would like to talk more about this. I have students this weekend until Monday and may not be able to answer you right away, but I certainly will answer you.

      Durga Ma


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