Pashupata Sutram III:20-26

True prayer is the surrender of oneself to God. True surrender is not limited to talking to God, but includes all spontaneous actions of the body, mind and feelings (kriya).

The Teachings of the Immortal, Lord Lakulisha,
Twenty-Eighth Incarnation of Lord Shiva.

PPS Warning

III:20    Now think these thoughts like a chant or a prayer done softly:
III:21    To the mild and gracious forms of God,

Because God is the Cause of all things, God has many forms according to the nature of the cause. Here, God is the mild and gracious Authority over innumerable bodies, the source of pleasure.

III:22    To the terrible forms of God that cause fear,

On the other hand, God is also not mild and gracious, but scary. The idea that God causes us to experience fear is something that we tend to resist. How can we surrender to a God that is scary? Why is God scary? God is scary because we resist God. It is the resistance that produces the fear. Because all that is is God, this is God being scary. A resolution presents itself here: don’t resist, surrender.

III:23    And to other, more terrible illusion-forming forms of God that cause fear,

We surrender to God even though it is God that is the cause of illusion for individual beings. Though we are looking for liberation, to get there we have to surrender to the Cause of illusion!

All there is is God—there isn’t anything else. So when we surrender to God, everything is included. If your sadhana gets stuck in the sand, it may be that you are omitting certain aspects of God from your surrender, like the scary stuff. Things will get better as you gradually take more apparent risks. I say “apparent” because there really is no risk. As Yogeshwar so often said, “God is not a cheat”.

III:24    To the innumerable forms of God, the cause of all forms that are the cause fear.

“The innumerable forms of God” are all of Us. We like to think of God as awesome rather than scary. It makes us feel better. God is scary because God includes all of us, and we are definitely scary—we are the cause of fear. We are scary as human beings, and we are even scary as divine individuals because we are not familiar with each other—with Truth, God, or even with our Selves—and the unfamiliar can be very scary.

III:25    To the innumerable mortal forms of God everywhere,

This prayer, this surrender, is the choice to accept all others without exception—ALL OTHERS—and even to accept them in their imperfect, mortal condition. If you are successful in this, you will reach nirbija samadhi. It is taught that nirbija follows sabija. This is due to the fact that we improve in our degree of surrender over time. Sadhana is a process, so there is a sequence.

III:26    To Rudra, God in the form of the Power to Face Fear, I surrender.  Let this surrender reach all scary others.

The depth of surrender we need to reach liberation is expressed in this prayer. To finalize the prayer, we surrender to the Power to Face Fear because we know we have fear and that it can limit our surrender, and we wish to achieve unconditional love, to surrender to everyone without limit. So we are sending notice—we are going to accept everyone whether they accept us or not.

We must ultimately accept all others.
We must come to love everyone unconditionally.

Jaya Bhagavan (Victory to God!),
Durga Ma

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