Pashupat Sutras V

This is the last chapter. Read my own conclusions on these sutras over the next two weeks.

The Teachings of the Immortal, Lord Lakulisha,
Twenty-Eighth Incarnation of Lord Shiva.

PPS Warning

V:1    Having no attachments, free from ties, independent and without obstacles

V:2    One who has become united with God (the yogi or yogini)

V:3    One’s own eternal Self (or soul)

V:4    Ever-existent and unborn

V:5    Is friendly and kind

V:6    Well-born, learned and wise

V:7    With mastery over the senses

V:8    Rudra (another name of Shiva) distinctly taught this

V:9    Reside in a secret place in a vacant house

V:10    A constant player

V:11    Mastery over the power of the senses is acquired

V:12    When thus engaged continually for six months

V:13    Most everything is accomplished

V:14    Beg alms

V:15    Accept meals that come to the vessel (begging bowl)

V:16    Take meat that is unspoiled with salt

V:17    Drink water afterwards (or otherwise)

V:18    Live like a cow or like a deer would live

V:19    Remain clean with the use of water (as opposed to ash-bath)

V:20    (Thus) the successful yogi or yogini is not associated with action or downfall (or loss or error)

V:21    Sing a song of praise from the soul, assiduously remembering the Beloved

V:22    To That Person, to God the Benevolent, or to both (as the result is the same)

V:23    Thus, yoga, union with God, begins

V:24    Omkara, the sound of OM, heard spontaneously in deepest meditation, is God

V:25    Concentration (of prana) is in the heart (or core)

V:26    Eternal, ever-present, all-pervading Supreme God, is directly perceptible and knowable as Omkara

V:27    (Omkara is) pure sound, formless God, beyond the range of the mind

V:28    (Omkara is) Supreme God, unlimited, unequaled, guru of the guru

V:29    [missing]

V:30    Abiding in a cremation ground

V:31    One’s dharma (merit) acquired

V:32    Living dependent upon what is available or what can be found or obtained

V:33    Finding direct contact with God

V:34    Constantly remembering God

V:35    One cuts through the root of the network of causes that produce defects (disease, anger, fear, attachment, desire, delusion, injury, etc.)

V:36    By means of buddhi (discrimination, discernment)

V:37    With full consciousness (noticing, observing, reflecting)

V:38    Remaining fixed on God

V:39    The mind securely fixed only on God becomes peaceful and free of sorrow

V:40    Careful to maintain this state, one gets to the end of sorrows by the grace of God


V:41    Now think these thoughts like a chant or a prayer done softly:

V:42    God, Master of all branches of learning

V:43    God of all beings

V:44    Creator of all creation

V:45    Let me be one with Shiva the Beneficent

V:46    Permanently

V:47    Shiva

God the Beneficent ends all sorrows permanently.

Jaya Bhagavan (Victory to God!),
Durga Ma

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