SKY Mandala

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga (SKY) Mandala

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Greetings from Atmajyoti,

Durga Ma’s Onion is a mission Ma began years ago after Swami Kripalu stated his wish that a place in the continental United States be created where people could come to practice this particular form of sadhana. I have now joined in this mission and it is the ultimate goal of the SKY Foundation to bring this community to fruition. A place where people can live, visit or retreat for spiritual counsel and practice. A fully functioning community living in alignment with our true nature, providing a haven for others who also want to live this way with the support and guidance of a authentic spiritual master and teachers committed to the awakening of their students and the world.

This is a really exciting time! We are on the threshold of creating something amazing that will potentially grow and serve others long after we have left this life. First we need to secure Durga Ma financially while we build the foundation and move forward with our plans… Read more>>>

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