Kripalu Talks About His Guru, Lakulisha

In the woods and naturally beautiful places of ancient India, yoga has been studied and practiced in great depth. Due to this deep study and practice of yoga, the great yogis, such as Lakulish, have been able to keep their bodies in their original condition. This kind of body is called the Divine Body. It is unchanging and immortal.

Swami Kripalu

Scritpures of India say that one is a complete yogi ony after going beyond birth and death. The yogis have always been interested in prolonging the time between birth and death, not because they are attracted to the body, but because they wish to fulfill their desire to know the soul to the highest possible extent. Death and disease interfere with the fulfillment of that desire.

Unless the body can stay long enough, it takes many lifetimes for the yogi to know the deep secrets of the soul and find the highest Truth. A yogi’s life energy must become and remain steady in order for him to become established in samadhi. When this life energy then reaches into the top chakra (thousand petaled chakra), at such time the yogi enters samadhi and is very much like a child in the mother’s womb. This is the type of thinking and searching for Truth that intensely prevailed in ancient India.

There are many who ask, “If there are so many yogis in India, why it it so poor?”

It should not be forgotten that at one time India was one of the most prosperous countries inthe world. However, the rise and fall in fortunes that occurs in worldly life happens equally to all countries. So India is now going through one of these stages and is currently in decline. It is possible that America might experience the kind of prosperity which was experienced earlier in India. Spiritual science can best properly spread in a prosperous country.

I have an American disciple, Yogeshwar Muni. He plans now to build a large temple named, Bhagavan Brahmeshvara (God, Master of Creation, Shiva), and he hopes to establish the statue of Lord Lakulisha in that temple. In this scientific country it is very necessary for this statue to be available so that secrets of it can be found. Then someone from America will become a true complete yogi and will look at that statue with tears rolling from their eyes, saying, “This is Truth”.

This is the country of science, and I have complete faith that this will definitely happen here. What is America? India is one room in the house, America is another room in the same house. The whole world is one big residence, one big family.

Jaya Bhagavan (victory to God),
Durga Ma

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