Kripalu Tells of the Discovery of the Statue of Lakulisha

The statue of Lakulisha is very beautiful, and I was so fortunate that I was able to see that Divine Body. The statue of beloved Dadaji (Lakulisha) is not just a stone statue, it is made of meteorite. It is a secret book of yoga. In order to understand its meaning you have to do yoga sadhana.

This statue was in the ground until 110 years ago. The Tirtha (sacred place of pilgrimage) where the statue of Lakulisha was found is named Kayavarohana. There are many Tirthas in India, but this one is of supreme importance because of its history. Kayavarohana has been famous in all four yugas (ages). In India, it is taught there are four yugas. ThLakulishaPict2.2e first is called Satya Yuga (Age of Truth), and the last, the Kali Yuga (Age of Darkness), is our present age. This Tirtha is called Kayavarohana because a great yogi descended into bodily form at this place. The word Kayavarohana means, “descent into the body”, and in this case Shiva descended there as Lakulisha to live his divine life and to teach yoga. So from this sacred tirtha, Lakulisha spread the message of yoga all over India. It was the main cernter of yoga.

During those times, Kayavarohana was a very large city where thousands of pilgrims came from many countries. When Lakulisha was present, great kings from all parts of India would come to bow at his feet. Everywhere he was revered. Lakulisha was the one who was the knower of all the innumerable branches of yoga, and was a perfect yogi. After he left, his very bright disciples carried on his teachings for fifteen hundred years.

Now Kayavarohana is a very small town due to the effects of time. Today experts in archaeology are digging, sponsored by the government of India, and finding many layers of cities buried for hundreds of thousands of years. Wherever they dig, there are little statues, lingas and other relics, that are very valuable to the archaeologists. With this history you can imagine that this particular statue must have entered the ground for the purpose of protecting the secrets of yoga.

Now I will tell you the story of how this statue was found.

One day, a very innocent farmer was going to his field. He was a devotee of Lord Shiva, so he was uttering the words, “Shiva, Shiva, Shiva” as he was walking. It was as if that day Lord Shiva wanted to come out of the earth. This farmer went to his field and started plowing. As he was LakulishaPict1moving forward, the plow was stopped by something in the earth. The farmer wondered why it had stopped. He looked down, and he felt that there was something like a statue there, so he started digging from all sides. As he was digging, he was filled with great joy in his heart. He was greatly pleased when he saw the statue, and he completely uncovered it. The statue was very big. It was a statue of Lord Lakulisha with a linga right behind him.

The farmer was extremely happy and wondered what he should do. He felt it was a very beautiful statue that inspired great faith. He looked all around and saw a flower vine. So he picked some flowers and placed them at the feet of the statue. Afterward, he went into the village and told everyone what he had found. The entire village went in a large crowd, singing with drums and cymbals, to see the statue. The neighboring villages got the message, so in a short itme there were a thousand people looking at the statue. Everyone who saw it was surprised. Only by seeing the original statue can you understand its great beauty.

Giver of Grace
Stories of the Lineage

Jaya Bhagavan (victory to God),
Durga Ma

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