Desire and the Mind, Part 2

The content of the mind always gets used for a purpose, hence the term ‘desire.’  

Seed Mantras

We are so conditioned to believe that an active mind is such a great and wonderful thing that it seems ridiculous to consider it to be anything other than the means, rather than an obstacle, to reaching the highest state. The Perfect Ones tell us that it is the still, inactive mind that reaches the Divine. How is it possible to have a still mind?

How many times have you heard a guided meditation begin with something like, “Now empty your mind and don’t think of anything.”? Can you do that?  I can’t do that.  I don’t know anyone who can do that. This is absurd. The moment you try to stop your mind you are using your mind—which means your mind is active: you are doing something with your mind. Because you have the desire (there’s that word again) for Truth, you’ll try anything! Naturally, you feel you must do something to get this to happen—that’s the way the mind works.  But everything you do, ‘do’ being the operative word, causes the mind to become active and makes a meditative state impossible! Now, if a meditative state is the key to what you’re looking for, how can you achieve it?

Desires are related to the cores of chakras. For instance, there are innumerable desires in the mind associated with the need for love; the desire for love is the core desire of the heart chakra.

Seed Sounds

The essence, seed or foundation, of desire is expressed in bija [seed] mantras.  Seed mantras are sounds, represented by Sanskrit letters, that produce vibrations resonant with the cores of chakras. They are generally practiced by recitation. Their repetition eventually relieves the mind, even if only temporarily, of desires associated with the core desire of a particular chakra. This happens as a result of the sound vibrations having a direct effect on conditioned neural pathways in the brain and nervous system, causing them to be interrupted. For this reason, reciting mantra aloud can be more effective than doing it mentally.

During the neutralization process caused by the recitation of mantra, if mantra continues long enough and is practiced often enough, the core desire along with any distortions associated with it, get stirred up. As with most forms of progress, this has the potential to cause upset. The trick is to continue anyway. A breakthrough is inevitable if you persevere.

From Living the Mysteries, Copyright ©1999.

° ° ° ° °

When we have a mentally based desire, we are announcing lack. We are saying that we do not have it. This is a statement of agreement with unTruth, for we do have it. We think we want it because we cannot access it, see it brought forth in the form we imagine. The reality is that everything is already done, there is nothing to want.

A desire states our sense of separation from the Real. But we are all One with the Divine, in which all that exists already is. In regaining this Knowing of our Oneness, even for a short moment, we are, for that moment, without want (The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want). This begins with samadhi, not just some mental construct that is different from the desire, created in order to upstage it.

I realize that this is not very practical information and that many of you already know this, but I wanted to relate it to this business of being taught by religious teachers who tell you that you shouldn’t have any desires. There is truth in this teaching, but it is not what it seems. When this knowledge becomes practical and “it is already done” has become a given, we are enlightened as to this Truth, and desires that crop up in the mind are simply noticed and passed by as echoes of the past, and irrelevant to the present.

Reaching this ‘desireless state’ is accomplished through deep meditation, samadhi. Even though this will not last in the beginning, once it is experienced you know what it is and have something to go by, something to look forward to, something that assures you that you are already One with the Divine. You know this not because you have brainwashed yourself into some belief, but because you have experienced it for yourself, directly. The simplest and most efficient means of accomplishing this is through Surrender Meditation, a natural, spontaneous, experiential meditation.

It is always best not to try to do the last thing first.

Durga Ma

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