What Do You Want?

Once Kundalini has been awakened, what happens next depends on what you want.  

For anyone wanting a good life, success, prosperity, a good relationship, pleasure and enjoyment, Kundalini should only be partially awakened, but this will not bring liberation. In many cases, when someone has a strong desire to control things, Kundalini will only awaken partially anyway, so the issue does not arise—they get what they want. Others, however, will mistakenly believe that they can have it both ways.

Some of you firmly believe that you can awaken Kundalini, get Her to become actively up-trended, get all of your desires fulfilled, all your glitches corrected and your fears removed, become enlightened, be happy all the time, and become liberated. But these various aims are attained by different means that often conflict with each other. This becomes an issue for anyone expecting to get it all and wanting to be in control in order to do so, to be the one that makes all this happen, and to control the process.

When one lives in longing for Truth, union with the Divine, and liberation from rebirth, Kundalini is free to awaken fully. If you want to attain liberation and eternal happiness, as opposed to temporal happiness, Kundalini is your friend, your ally, your Divine Mother, and you will want Her to be awake and functioning according to her own agenda, because it is the same as your own. On the other hand, if you want to be in control, Kundalini may awaken partially for you and your life will improve. In either case, it is better that you allow Her to awaken naturally, rather than to try to force or control Her awakening.

It is easy to force Kundalini to awaken, but She is naturally perturbed at this rudeness and will respond accordingly. It is not only inharmonious with Her nature to be forced to awaken (how would you feel?), but it is unwise and can cause you a boatload of trouble. It is important that you allow Kundalini to awaken naturally in Her own time. If you practice meditation on a regular basis, She will.

Meditation benefits range far and wide, but the awakening of Kundalini is the benefit that is the greatest, and is essential for going very far spiritually. You can use techniques up to a point, but to go beyond temporal happiness, sooner or later you will have to resort to surrender—you will have to give up control.

So, the first step, a step that is often ignored, is to determine what it is that you really and truly want in life. The next step is to make sure that your practices do not conflict with this aim. If there seems to be a conflict, you must do some serious self-inspection and get to the bottom of things: either your practices are correct and your aim in life is different than you thought, or your aim is exactly what you thought but your practices conflict with it.

Now I will tell you something that may surprise you: Hardly anyone knows what they want in life. For most people, this is buried deeply beneath a huge stack of desires that are all related to the BIG ONE, but are not the big one. Everything I have mentioned up to now is nothing compared to this one thing, the biggest mystery of all: What do you truly want?

Durga Ma

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