The Magic of Shaktipat, Part 1

Shaktipat is an initiation, the transmission of the spiritual power that ignites natural, spontaneous meditation and awakens kundalini.  

Shaktipat means ‘shakti-giving’, lighting one candle with another candle.  Shakti is like the ignition on your car. You may have a car with an ignition and lots of gas, but it’s not going anywhere until the key is turned in the ignition to start the car. Shaktipat is the turning of the key igniting the starter.

Once the ignition is switched on in your body, the life energy can get free. It will stay free only so long as you are not trying to control it yourself. In the surrendered state, this energy is not under the control of the mind and is at liberty to act on its own. This immediately or eventually leads to the natural and spontaneous awakening of the evolutionary force, kundalini.

Although shakti may in some cases be transmitted directly by the Divine, it is traditionally transmitted through someone who has been empowered to do so through a teaching lineage. This is because of the inevitable need, sooner or later, for guidance and information as one progresses. The initiator may be a spiritual teacher or someone the teacher has empowered to give initiation.

Shakti is transmitted by means of word, thought, touch or glance, and when received, accelerates spiritual growth and evolution automatically. In some instances however, shaktipat can occur days or weeks before or after an initiation by a spiritual teacher. For example, a fellow I once knew received shaktipat on the way to a teacher he had yet to meet. Only later did he realize what had happened to him. In another case, shaktipat was experienced weeks before the person even knew he would be finding his teacher. People who have experienced spontaneous shaktipat have, even if only for a moment, been in a state of surrender in order to have received it.

Shakti can be broadcast to many people at once or given directly to individuals. It can occur through initiation by a spiritual teacher, formally or informally, or directly from God, individually, in a group, privately or publicly. In the tradition of my own teaching lineage, direct shaktipat is given in the context of formal initiation into Sahaja Yoga, Surrender Meditation.

Once shaktipat has taken place, it remains for the recipient to know what to do with it. For this reason, shaktipat is associated with teaching lineages.  Books alone, or even the mind, cannot provide the necessary guidance.

When you surrender your body, your feelings, and your mind to God and get out of the way, your meditation is managed by God. What could be easier? What could be simpler? What could be more elegant?

From Living the Mysteries, Copyright ©1999,
Durga Ma and Terry Anne Preston, Ph.D.


Durga Ma

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2 thoughts on “The Magic of Shaktipat, Part 1

  1. It’s really rare to find authentic information on Shaktipat over internet and I must say that you described the term in very simple and effective manner. It’s a pleasure meeting you here 🙂


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