Giving Thanks to You

Today I am giving thanks for knowing you. Each time I write a new post, I think of you and how I might best write it so that what I write is useful to you personally. Even though I may not have met you, I still feel our connection. You are a friend, and you make writing these blogs a personal and delightful joy.

Thank you,
Durga Ma

5 thoughts on “Giving Thanks to You

  1. Thank you so much for being with us Durga Ma! You are a blessing for us seekers on this path. May God bestow us with your company for a really really long time! (sorry for being selfish here ;))


  2. Brahmananda

    Dear Durga Ma, thank _you_. Your presence and love is felt, and I do acknowledge it to you with an open heart. Your blog is a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration and I’m sending you my true love and appreciation. God bless you. Jaya Bhagavan.


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