The Second Chakra

The second chakra is called svadhishthana, which means ‘own dwelling place’. It is the sex chakra, and even if you don’t feel that this is where you live, you live because of it. 

The second chakra is located at the genitals, has six petals, six vibrational frequencies identified by the sounds of specific Sanskrit alphabetical syllables, and is associated with procreation. Its mystical diagram is the crescent, the color is bright flame red, or orange, the sense organ is the tongue, the sense faculty is taste, the element is water, the elemental color is white.

Here again, we find ourselves in Brahma Loka, the world of creation. Loka means ‘world’, but it can also mean the universe, or refer to other kinds of worlds, such as the world of the ancestors, the world of the gods, other planets, or even simply a room or a parcel of land. The word brahmaa means ‘growth, evolution and expansion’. The world of Brahma is a world of passion, intensity and activity (rajas) and the physical-material world; a world of compelling desires and cravings, and relationship issues.

At its most benign, the second chakra is about creativity, self-expression, evolved relationships with others, developed intuition, and eventually, freedom from desire. As long as we are in Brahma Loka at the second chakra, we are dealing with all of these things, so getting through this chakra adds up to change. 

If you are someone who prefers to avoid things outside of your comfort zone (“I’m not comfortable with that”), you may have difficulty dealing with the changes that will take place as this chakra is developed, purified and dissolved. Change is rarely comfortable, so you may rather not go beyond this point, and perhaps not even this far. To progress through and from this chakra, you must be willing to be uncomfortable.

Change doesn’t always mean progress, but
progress always involves change

The second chakra is associated with the element water. Whereas earth tends to stay put, the nature of water is to flow. Water can be stationary when contained (tamas), or moving peaceably (sattvas) or even forcibly (rajas). Water is affected by outside influences in that when it is contained, it takes on the form of its container. In other words, it is adaptable. This expresses the nature of second chakra affairs in life. The state of water is dependent upon its relationship to something other than itself, so the second chakra is about your relationship with others as it affects your own state, as well as in the physical sense, body to body, hormone to hormone. The nature of relationships vary, but a relationship is at its best when flowing smoothly (sattvas).

The tongue is the organ of sense at the second chakra, and is involved with taste, but the tongue is also involved in speech and communication. We can look at food here, but we also have to look at communication, communication with others, and our relationships with them, and the things that go on in relationships of any kind. And then there is communication of a subtler kind, communication with your own inner knowing, your intuition, or psychic ability.

When Kundalini has evolved this chakra, you become the object of love to divine beings, you know things that were previously unknown to you, have access to inner wisdom and evolved intuition, taste the nectar of immortality (amrita), and are free of diseases. Clearly, this chakra is a turning point for anyone engaged in serious sadhana. Once you enter into this realm of yoga, change is imminent, powerful and evolutionary.

Jaya Bhagavan (Victory to God!),
Durga Ma

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