Durga Ma Update

Durga Ma, now 71, lives on what is given and the proceeds from her music, books, courses and trainings (Phoenix Metaphysical Institute.com). A year ago, her primary benefactor passed away, and her other main support turned 99, leaving her in a very precarious situation. A pledge program was initiated for the joint purpose of materializing her mission of SKY Haven and providing housing and essential needs.

As things now stand:

  • The monthly proceeds from the above means, range from $400 to $556.

  • The average monthly cost of living in Phoenix is $3172.

  • Expenditures for Durga Ma’s living arrangements average $2573 monthly.

As per scriptural injunction, Durga Ma does not “work for a living”. But she does work for us, whether we pay her or not.

To learn more about SKY Haven, please visit SKY Haven and SKY Haven on durgama.com. To pledge or make a donation, go to SKY Haven Mandala.

Thank you.

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