The Sixth Chakra

Your sixth chakra is your personal Command Center, your source of consciousness, your source of intuition, your unlimited power and your authority to access it.

The sixth chakra is located behind the center of the forehead between the two eyebrows. It is associated with consciousness, the pineal gland, the production of amrita, the nectar of immortality, and subtle sound. Its two petals are the two vibrational frequencies identified by the Sanskrit syllables hum and suh (ham हं and sa स), and the two channels associated with the outgoing and ingoing breaths and their energy forms (the upward-flowing warming energy, prana, and the downward-flowing cooling energy, apana, which terminate here). This chakras color is white. It is beyond the senses and the elements. 

The name of the sixth chakra is ajna ( आज्ञा ), which means ‘attention, perception, understanding; command, authority, and unlimited power’. Notice that this chakra is the location of our ability to perceive, even though it is ‘beyond’ the senses. The reason for this is that the type of perception available to us here does not require them. From this place, we perceive directly. In other words, perception requires no via, no indirect route through the eyes or the ears, etc. What is perceived is Real.

At the fifth chakra we experienced vocal sounds being made spontaneously in meditation, but now, with the sixth chakra’s vehicle of subtle sound, we hear sounds directly. This type of sound is called, nada. The word nada means ‘subtle spontaneous sound’. This phenomena is produced by Prana and can happen fairly early in Surrender Meditation.

From Living the Mysteries, © 1999, Durga Ma and Dr Terry Preston, Ph.D.

Nada became a frequent and common occurrence in my meditations and I experienced it in many ways. I discovered that nada came in many forms. Not only do the sounds heard in meditation become more and more refined, but the other senses—sight, smell, touch, and taste—are also experienced directly and become refined as well. 

One of my earliest experiences of … nada was the sound of thunder, or what I though was thunder. Thunder was not common where I lived. In fact I don’t believe I’ve ever heard thunder in that part of the world, but one day it brought me out of a very deep and pleasant meditative state. I lay there for a while amazed at hearing thunder. When I ended my meditation, I looked out the curtains to see if rain was on the way. It had been a nice day during our dry season, the middle of summer. Imagine my surprise when out the window I saw the same sunny blue sky. Inquiries verified that there had been no thunder or other sound of that kind in the area that day.

I had another nada adventure when I heard the sound of a train passing through my meditation room. I didn’t have to make any inquiries to confirm that I was indeed experiencing nada! Another time I experienced an earthquake, though there had been no earthquake.

Various kinds of nada continued to occur and become more and more refined until, one day, I experienced directly, the meaning of bells in church steeples: When union (yoga) occurs in the head, the steeple, a cacophony of wedding bells, large and small, can be heard and felt as the sound vibrates the body, the room, and seems to lift you right off your meditation mat.

Mastery of the Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra has to do with consciousness, mind, understanding, and your perceptive ability. This is the seat of your inherent, unlimited power and your right to access it. The Divine Being who resides here is your source of consciousness and the giver of your salvation, your success in meditation, your freedom, liberation, and enlightenment. When you enter this place, you see the brilliant spiritual emanations of moon-lightening, see the ‘moon of mystery,’ experience the highest samadhi, and gain the respect of the adepts. All fear and all karma are destroyed, and you discover the secret of immortality (it doesn’t all happen at once).

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that you really are),
Durga Ma

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2 thoughts on “The Sixth Chakra

  1. Veritas


    Hi, i’ve need of your opinion; So I was doing a very advanced savasana and suddenly I heard like the coming crack of thunder and I jumped scared witless, I laughed and was extremely surprised because everything was so quiet and my mind was clear and silenced to suddenly hear this thunder clap…


    1. This is called nada, divine sound. I have heard this particular sound, too. It is nothing to fear. On the contrary, it is a very auspicious experience; sound is the subtlest element, and nada it the direct perception of it.


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