Apocalypse Diary 2

Sorry I missed you last week. Catching you up now:

4.12.14  Saturday – Lovely Spring Weather

I am staying in the town where my mother lived, and where I lived until the age of eight. Most of growing up after that was in another town a few miles away. It was more of a ‘home town’ to me, so I drove there to see Jane. We cruised the town together to see about the possibility of my moving there.

Jane drove us by the homes of our old high school friends and gave me a run down on who is doing what and where, who is still living and who isn’t. My, it is strange to be old. It’s not so much the oldness and it is the length of one’s past and all of that history.

Crossed it off as a possible place to live. The town is dying. Houses are literally falling in on themselves. Some of the homes of old friends included. Even main street business buildings are rotting where they sit; some have been demolished. Otherwise, absolutely nothing has changed, not even the sign on the Blue Inn Cafe. Not a smart place to put in time or money. Hardly anyone lives here any more except old people who moved here from other places years ago. When they’re gone, the town will probably sigh its last dying breath.

Picked up some art work my uncle Lew had left my mother and gave it to Jane to keep for me and enjoy. We are both art hounds.

4.13.14  Sunday – Tornados

Finally got some sleep last night, but woke feeling like I might be coming down with something. Nothing like funky food and endless pressure to set one up for getting sick. I’ll take a bunch of vitamins, stay in today, and outsmart it.

4.14.14  Monday – Snow!

False alarm. I’m not sick.

Said my last goodbyes to my mother. Her funeral was nicely done, and the pastor did not engage in lengthy speeches. It snowed as we buried her. She looked very natural. Jane went with me. Old school friends where there.

4.15.14  Tuesday – It’s Spring Again

Jane came over. We tied up loose ends, ate tater-tots, and said our goodbyes. I will miss her.

4.16.14  Wednesday

Headed to Kansas City today to see about the possibility of finding a place to live there.

The realtor and I played phone tag all day and never managed to get together. I may just leave for Connecticut tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll just tootle around her another day or so. I will go to Connecticut earlier than originally planned though, and try to recover, get rested—not an easy thing to do away from home.

This is such a beautiful city (except in certain areas, as in any city). I was stunned. I had forgotten how beautiful it is. Clinton was perfect, but I don’t think I want to live a secret life, which I would have to do there. And I don’t know if I could take the intolerance that abounds in small towns. Kansas City is a different kettle of fish. Looks like a hip California town in some parts, beautiful homes, many parks and tree-lined streets and boulevards. Couple of ashrams not far from here (where I’m staying).

4.17.14 Thursday

Decided to rest up today and head to Connecticut tomorrow. I’m too tired to tootle around. Maybe on the way back to Phoenix I’ll stop here again.


Headed to Connecticut. Sitting in the airport. Traveling has been unusually easy.


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2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Diary 2

  1. Galen

    You got to love tater-tots! Finally something in common between us. Isn’t life remarkable?
    A lot of preliminary events happening in life but I think there will be a settling in the near future.
    Hang in there and yes it is strange getting older physically for I am but a few years younger then yourself.


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