Apocalypse Diary 3

I find that the term “apocalypse” may actually be beginning to demonstrate its true meaning of “revelations”, “to uncover or reveal”. So what is being revealed?

1. The Give Forward and Mother’s Mandala projects are not taking off. This has caused me to consider that what I have to offer may not be of much interest or value to people, so now I am resigned to doing something about the situation on my own. This old bird is not fit for living on the streets, or roughing it in the woods anymore, though my heart will always be there (in the woods, that is). So now I must try to bring in some kind of income. Will this negatively affect my sadhana? Yes, it will. It will slow things down, and be very uncomfortable physically, as my recent travels have so adamantly proved. However, a point was reached some years ago that promises the continuation of the process on its own, whether I am in a meditation room or not, as was also proved during my travels. Sadhana goes on.

2. The journey across the continent, from California to Connecticut, has been eventful and telling. In my searches in various places for a place to live, each came to a screeching halt with unusual and unlikely situations that prompted me to consider them as “messages”—messages that seemed to be saying, “not here”, “not here”, until I was left with nowhere to go but home. So I came home.

3. Now that I am home, and have contemplated the events of the journey, it seems apparent that, in spite of the summer heat, here I’ll stay, and here I will try to bring in a living (interesting term). A daunting prospect. In considering my work with the people in Connecticut, I came to realize that when I was engaged in this work, I had no pain, no exhaustion, and no fibromyalgia “fog”. Very telling, I thought. Another “message”?

So I will pursue Life Mastery and give Life Readings here in Phoenix—as soon as I can figure out how to get started, and how to get found. This link will take you to my first foray into this world. If you have any “five star” comments that would make a good testimonial I would be very grateful. The link is here.

I will get back to the Bhagavad Gita series ASAP. If I am a seeker after enjoyment, this is definitely my cup of tea.

Love to you,
Durga Ma

Life Mastery
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2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Diary 3

  1. Galen

    Thank you Durga Ma for sharing personal experiences during a period of time in your life.
    They might have disrupted your goals but I would say your intuition and divine guidance is undeterred.
    I look forward in sharing a cup of tea with you(Bhagavad Gita).

    Always a friend


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