The Field

We exist within an unlimited field of potential and possibilities.
In this field, anything is possible. 

Relevant verse:
“Creation having been brought forth by sacrifice, by sacrifice you will evolve and prosper. Sacrifice is the milch cow of your desires.” — Verse 10  

In This Series:

  1. The Golden Womb
  2. The Field
  3. Great Expectations
  4. Accessing the Abundance of the Field

The Field Is Closer Than You Think

“By sacrifice you will evolve and prosper. Sacrifice is the milch cow of your desire.” — Verse 10

In the verse, sacrifice is likened to a Wish Fulfilling Cow named Kamadhenu, that fulfills desires on call. She is our access to this field where everything exists and anything is possible. She is sacrifice.

In this life, we exist within an unlimited field of potential and possibilities. You can’t get any closer than that.


The Sanskrit term, chitta, refers to the Field as the ‘stuff’ of the individual mind. Your mind. Chitta is is often translated simply as ‘mind’, but it is mind in the sense of being the mind’s own personal, private Field.

Think of chitta as a microcosmic version of the Field. You rely on this Field for memory and thinking (manas) and making determinations about things (buddhi), so it is very close to home. It is not ‘out there’ somewhere where you can’t get at it. It is unlimited, everywhere, always—and even though it is everywhere, it also serves as the stuff of your own individual mind.

The core of this complex (your mind) is your sense of being the doer of actions (ahamkara, ‘I do’), which has its roots in your sense-of-self (asmita, ‘I am’), which has as its roots in You (atman, ‘I’). This entire complex we call our minds is made of chitta, mind-stuff, the Field.

A microcosm of the Field that is
the stuff your own mind is made of.

The Source

Why not just call this Field by one name that encompasses the full meaning? We could call this field the Field of Right Action, and though this expresses the truth of it, it is incomplete because we would be missing an important hint that is being given to with the use of two names.

Consciousness takes two—the one being conscious (you), and the thing one is being conscious of (other-than-you). Chitta is the very subtle energy of consciousness generated by the relationship between You and That.


The energy of consciousness generated by the relationship between the Divine You and the Divine Other-than-you.

Subconscious Expectations

There is only one thing in the way of our utilizing this Field: subconscious expectations that are inconsistent with the Field. 

Many of your expectations are sub-conscious (you are unaware of them) and match neither the Field nor You. These expectations are very strong, for they have been reinforced your entire lifetime by parents, teachers, religion, and society in general. Limiting ideas about yourself that were learned from birth and stored in your subconscious, have caused you to have certainties about yourself that are not true, when in fact, you and the Field have a lot in common:

You are everywhere. You are ‘in’ everything. Nothing exists that you are not already ‘in’. The same is true for everyone else. Everything that exists, including you and everyone else, is ‘in’ this Field that has no bounds, no limitations—so neither do you.

I have said in other posts that a desire is an affirmation of lack, and that this is why you are asked to give up desires, not because you shouldn’t have your desires fulfilled, but so that you can. That you have a desire can only mean that, in your estimation, you do not have the thing you seek. And you do not expect to have it. If you expected it, you would already have it and the desire would not exist, because…

The Field responds to your expectations.

What you expect is what you get, so
“Expect a Miracle”


In these verses we are being given a formula for accessing the unlimited possibilities of the Field so that we have what we want and need. The key is sacrifice. Sacrifice happens in the Field. If you have forgotten what this is, the last post will remind you.

In forthcoming posts I will share my thoughts with you regarding how to access the Field, should you wish to enable or improve your ability to gain access to it.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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3 thoughts on “The Field

  1. Dear Durga Ma,

    In all the years that I have been off-and-on again meditating, I am both embarrassed to say and at the same time grateful for the rewards I am receiving by reading and thinking deeply about your writing and commenting on sacrifice. Having understood only intellectually the meaning of sacrifice in particular areas of sahaja yoga, I have never been able to actually grasp the true significance of “restraint of the senses”. It always seemed like a huge effort of will to surrender and restrain the senses by choosing other than what I wanted or seemed natural to me. And now I have finally caught onto “restraint”, that it is really the first step to actually nipping/cutting desire, so essential to yoga, non-attachment, de-identifying with the “desirer” and is “the means to accessing the field of unlimited possibilities”, as you have shown here. By reading your pages, the chapters from Winthrop Sargent’s version of the Gita as well as another lesser-known translation by Lars Martin Fosse, comparing, contemplating and having contact with you is helping me immensely to renew my interest in perhaps beginning to delve into Jnana Yoga which I have always thought I have little ability to comprehend and experience in my meditation.

    Many blessings and much gratitude to you! I look forward to each entry of your posts.



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