Accessing the Abundance of the Field

We exist within a field of unlimited potential. In this field, anything is possible. 

In This Series:

  1. The Golden Womb
  2. The Field
  3. Great Expectations
  4. Accessing the Abundance of the Field 

Sequel to Great Expectations 

Step 1
Noticing Thoughts 

Start noticing your thoughts. Notice what they are, what they are like, what they feel like, and whether you like them or not. Just watch, and get really, really good at noticing them. If you’re paying attention to your thoughts you will undoubtedly come across some negative ones, but no judgements now, just watch the show for a few days and then go on to step two:

Step 2
Flipping Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are thoughts that are inconsistent with the Field.
(See the Characteristics of The Field.)

Notice when a negative thought surfaces, and once you have that negative thought cornered, flip it. Using the principle of opposites, find a positive counterpart to that thought, something that you like that works for you, and dwell on it until it is easy to own.

Flipping is different than using affirmations. Once you get going on noticing negative thoughts, you may discover that there are more than you ever dreamed, and drumming up an affirmation for everything you come across is just not practical. So flip it over and tune in to its positive side. Use positive ideas, feelings, imaging and fantasizing. Anything that works for you.

If this isn’t as easy as pie, you are probably on to one of the culprits in your data bank of negative expectations that is having a negative effect in your life right now. So don’t despair or criticize yourself, pat yourself on the back because, now it’s out in the open and you can do something about it.

Any thought that is not consistent with the
Field is a ‘negative’ thought.

Don’t get concerned about stirring up negatives, because now you know how to flip them, and right now you have bigger fish to catch:

Step 3
Noticing Negative Subconscious Expectations

Our thoughts reflect our subconscious expectations.
(See Subconscious Expectations)

Once you are good at noticing your thoughts, and finding and flipping negative thoughts, start looking for the negative subconscious expectations that lie beneath them.

By noticing negative thoughts, some negative subconscious expectations may automatically get exposed. If this should happen, you may be surprised to find things beginning to shift right away, before you even flip the thought that revealed it.

Any expectation that is not consistent with the
Field is a ‘negative’ expectation.

Negative subconscious expectations are expectations that you don’t like, expectations that you do not want to come to fruition, and of which you have previously been unaware, all or in part. These subconscious negative expectations have been hiding out and influencing your thoughts, and the things that come about in your life. Just noticing them will start to change things, because their primary power to affect your life has been their secrecy, and now they are exposed.

Things that are hidden are far more influential
than things that are not. 

Step 4
Flipping Negative Expectations

Now you can start looking for, and planting, positive expectations to replace the old, negative ones—we don’t want to leave a gaping hole.

Using the same technique you used for flipping negative thoughts, replace any negative expectation you discover, with a positive one. (Notice that I am not calling them ‘subconscious’ any more.)

Once you have determined the new, positive expectation you want to bring to fruition, do something with this positive idea, take some kind of action. Action is always the most effective means of making these things stick. Try affirmations, imagining, fantasizing, tell a friend, write in your journal, talk to yourself about your positive expectation, and even tell your cat or dog. If you come across an expectation that won’t budge, use it to your advantage…

Mary uncoverd a subconscious expectation of poverty. She tracked this back to the poverty in which she was raised, and which coincided with messages from her parents to “Never expect anything good and you’ll never be disappointed,” and to eat everything on her plate, “Just think of all those poor staving children who don’t have enough to eat,” in order to guilt-hook her into, “Don’t ever waste food!”

Mary was so deeply inundated with ‘shoulds’ that, throughout her life, she continued to remain poor, so Mary decided that she would address the Characteristics of The Field, directly…

I expect to have more than enough money, food and anything else I need or want at all times. I expect this of the Field. I should expect this of the Field. It is my duty to expect and receive this from the Field, because if I don’t, I will be negatively affecting everyone else as well as myself.

This last, which she refers to as her ‘duty’, was for Mary, a very useful ‘should’ because it was also an opposite to another negative subconscious expectation: “I should never put myself first, but always take care of the needs of others before my own.” So for Mary, this produced a two-for-one shift.

Stick With It

These four steps offer a good start. Along with the Dharma of Doing, they constitute a foundation for making the changes you want to make. Don’t worry about what comes next, because that will make itself known in the process. Just continue with these foundational steps and let ‘next’ reveal itself.

Utilizing these simple steps will reveal your subconscious mind—which means it won’t be ‘sub’ any longer. Even if you still have a gut reaction to some of your expectations (this will fade), just making them conscious will cause them to lose most of their influence. What this also means is that your consciousness is expanding. So keep it up.

If all this seems to contradict the path of surrender, let me remind you that Surrender Meditation is done in the meditation room so that you can give it your all. Outside of the meditation room, you will be using your will, whether you think you are or not. So how better to use it?

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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One thought on “Accessing the Abundance of the Field

  1. Galen

    Am going to give it a go. Seems straight forward and since I am by myself for the most part of a day I’ll flip a thought or two.


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