III:19 Heaven Within, Conclusion

Now that the previous verses have shown us what Heaven Within will be like, we must find out how to achieve it. 


Therefore, constantly unattached, practice that action which is to be done. Indeed, by performing such action while unattached, a person attains The Highest.

‘The Highest’: The Sanskrit word for ‘Highest’ is param which means ‘highest, beyond, supreme’, and many other things depending upon the usage, but here ‘The Highest’ works for both those who seek to reach the highest results in their various paths and endeavors, and for those who seek Truth in the Absolute sense.

‘That action which is to be done’: Earlier, Krishna explained that the yoga of action, Karma Yoga, was Arjuna’s natural path and that he should get on with it. Now He is reminding him that non-attachment to action as his own doing is necessary, as well as not being attached to the outcomes of actions, and by this, Arjuna will undoubtedly attain contentment and The Highest. The action that is to be done will differ from one person to another, depending upon their path, but for Arjuna, that path is Karma Yoga.

Regardless of one’s path, the thing to remember about these teachings is that, even though they are to be practiced by you, it is really nature causing the action—it is not really you doing it, for you are not nature. This remembrance cultivates non-attachment.

Karma Yoga

When in Surrender Meditation you give up your self-imposed role as the doer of actions, your are sacrificing your control over events. You make this sacrifice to God by surrendering yourself to God. It is a simple thing: All the things you think you are, and all the things you think you have, were never you nor yours. So how can anything be lost?

As you give up your belief in yourself as the ‘doer’, you gradually become detached from the effects of these actions, especially those that occur spontaneously in your meditation (i.e., kriyas). This is very difficult in life. It is easy in Surrender Meditation. As you continue to let go of these things in your meditation, you get better and better at it, and you come to see that nothing is really lost and everything is gained.

Heaven Within In a Nutshell – Verses 17 – 19

When a person finds pleasure within, that person finds that there is nothing to be done. Indeed, for this person there is no motivation for acting or not acting, and consequently, there is no aim or expectation regarding any being. Therefore, practice that action which is to be done, without attachment, for by performing such action while unattached, one attains The Highest.

Regardless of the disinterest in the things of this world that one may experience, sadhana (practice) continues, for once having tasted the nectar, having swum in the ocean of bliss of the Absolute, continuing sadhana is simply the natural order of the day. 

Coming this weekend:  Going for God

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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2 thoughts on “III:19 Heaven Within, Conclusion

  1. Galen

    The “Natural order of the day”, wonderful mind set as long as I am not attached to it. Durga Ma I so enjoy your commentaries and yes fine tidbits identifying myself in the “Words” given. My heart soars, my mind elevates as I ingest these verses.

    I bow to that which you are, Me(hahaha)
    Always a friend


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