III:21 Going for God, Conclusion


Whatever a great person does, thus do others. Whatever standard that person sets the world follows.

We are all familiar with this phenomenon. The rock star, the political leader, etc., cuts the fashion, and we follow the herd. It is that simple. It is what people do, and Krishna is calling Arjuna’s attention to this. With the knowledge he has been given, Arjuna is in a position to take people forward.

Arjuna is the greatest in the world at what he does (he is an archer and warrior) and is of royal birth. He is a great man, so whatever he does will not be missed. The public will be watching, and they will be inspired to act in the same way as he. If Arjuna persists at declining to do this Yoga, so will they. This is yet one more example of how our own forward movement is so important to the welfare of others.

On a Personal Note

On a smaller scale, one of the things I come across is the tendency of people to look at my own history with this sadhana (practices), and assume that they would have to go through the same hardships I have endured. They are overwhelmed by this, and thinking that I will expect the same of them, they become discouraged. Many walk away because of this, before they even have the opportunity to discover that I most certainly will not expect any such thing. On the contrary, having been down a hard road, I am in a position to save them from that very thing.

Also, some, those who are familiar with some of my imperfections, wonder why I would become involved in a sadhana that produces such troubles. But it is not the sadhana that is responsible for these difficulties, it is my own imperfections and my own karma. The sadhana is not to be blamed. I have stayed with it in spite of all this. Others may have a much easier go of it that I, yet they believe what they see instead of what I tell them.

Verses 20-21, Going for God in a Nutshell

Having adamantly persevered, perfection was attained by King Janaka, resulting in the holding together and protecting of the world. So you should also do this, for whatever a great person does, others will also do.

I am often awed at the challenges and difficulties people will put themselves through in order to be beautiful, to win fame, to win prizes for some talent or skill, or to get rich, yet are reluctant to do the same for the sake of going for God and regaining their natural state of joy, and by so doing, bringing this gift to others. I am astonished at this. How can such a thing be?

Coming this weekend:  How to Save the World

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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3 thoughts on “III:21 Going for God, Conclusion

  1. Galen

    Sage Galen(hahahah) is about to bring awareness into your life. “How can such a thing be?”.
    I wish I were there to see you illuminate.


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