III:22-24 How to Save the World

The verses on action in this chapter are critical to one’s success in the spiritual journey. They demonstrate two kinds of action. One that is done with intention, and one that is spontaneous. One is for the purpose of fulfilling desires, and the other quite literally saves the world. 


For me, there is nothing whatever to do in all the three worlds, nor is there anything I have yet to attain. Even so, I engage in action.

For Lord Krishna, nothing needs doing because everything is already accomplished. This also applies to the Real You, but as a living entity inhabiting a body of a physical nature, an ’embodied one’, it is the nature of nature to move and change, and you will have plenty to do and much to accomplish.

Even so, I engage in action.” This is a reference to divine action in the relative sense, which provides for the continuance of life (vs 14-15) through ‘sacrifice’—action without self-motivated purpose and without claiming doership of the action—and demonstrates what is meant by ‘unattached action’, and how this alone can take us to The Highest (vs 19)

Relative God
Earth, water, fire, air, ether, thought, intelligence and ego, are the eight parts of my relative nature. Such is My inferior nature.
— Bhagavad Gita, Ch 7, vs 4.

If I did not engage in tireless action, all of humankind would most certainly follow my path.

This harkens back to verse 21 where He says, “Whatever a great person does, thus do others; whatever standard that person sets, the world follows,” to indicate to Arjuna that if he does not engage in the action that is pending, nothing is going to happen because no one else will act, either.

If I did not perform action, I would ruin these three worlds. I would be a maker of confusion and destroy all living beings.

Here we discover what happens if nothing happens. Arjuna can take his cue from Lord Krishna, for even though there is nothing that needs doing in all the three worlds, He acts for the sake of everyone else. If he did not, all would be lost.

The world is your body. Three worlds can mean your personal three worlds of body, feelings and mind, or the worlds of humans, ancestors, and gods which, applied to you is the physical body (human), DNA (ancestors), and one’s personal ‘god’, the Divine Other that carries the template of your divine perfect form (the anandakosha).

Absolute God
Know my inferior nature to be different from My highest Absolute existence by which this world is sustained.
— Bhagavad Gita, Ch 7, vs 5

Intention and Spontaneity

Those of you practicing Surrender Meditation may notice that you initially have the intension to meditate, but when you get into your meditation room, you surrender that intention, you let it go—you’re in your meditation room now, so the rest is up to God. Everything you have read in these installments of the Bhagavad Gita, and those to come, is about the process that follows.

Coming this week:  How to Save the World, Conclusion

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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4 thoughts on “III:22-24 How to Save the World

  1. Dear Nico,

    It is truly my pleasure. I am always rewarded to know that this work is helpful to others. Thank you.

    Durga Ma

    P.S. I may be coming your way in the spring if all goes as planned.


  2. Nico

    Thanks for all your hard work efforts and love! These passages with your added guidance unlocks so much more than the average reader may understand, so much concentrated truth to answers long sought! Beautiful, liberating and my Soul is overjoyed with excitement and love for You, life & the path ahead for the sake of the all!


    Nico~ Bakersfied, Ca

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Well, now you are making me homesick, Galen. I am currently trying to get back to CA and finding the possibility daunting in the extreme—I can’t afford it. But I will continue trying to find a way.

    Wherever it is easier to surrender is usually the best place. Your tractor sounds like the ritz to someone who began in a tent!


  4. Galen

    Thank you Durga Ma
    I just created a meditation room in my tractor, I close the curtains to the front half and in doing so I let go of my intention to meditate and leave it in Gods hands. For me it is important to have that place, I think it makes surrendering easier. I have struggled for ever to meditate(on again off again). For now and until I am consistent I will think like this.

    A friend in all ways

    About the time you were in the woods soul searching, I was living in Rohnart Park attending Sonoma State College. I have a home still in Santa Rosa. Small world after all.


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