III:25-26 How to Save the World, Conclusion

Self-reference: By making progress in your own spiritual development you help to save the world and everyone in it. By pursuing the fulfillment of your desires they may possibly come to fruition. If you had to choose one of these two, which would you choose? 


The non-knower acts with attachment, but the knower should act unattached for the sake of holding the world together.

The knower refers to those who know, understand and practice the the teachings Lord Krishna has imparted to Arjuna, and to us.

Unattached action as taught by Lord Krishna, holds the world together; attached action does not. If Arjuna is holding back on his own account, Lord Krishna is telling him that he should go forward anyway for the sake of the world and those who inhabit it.

Do not disturb the minds of the unwise who act with attachment to actions. Instead, inspire delight in all their actions, while yourself constantly practicing unattached action.

For the knower, which now includes Arjuna, action should be performed in the manner described in these verses as ‘unattached’, for it is this kind of action that holds the world together while taking one to liberation. Those who are not in the know will continue to act with attachment. This is inevitable, and why it is so important for the knower to practice unattached action as prescribed.

The ‘world’ you can take both literally and figuratively. Literally, the prescribed action holds the physical-material world together. Symbolically, the world is the body, which indicates that there are clues hidden within this and previous verses for how to hold the body together so that it is not lost or destroyed.

Why doesn’t He just give these teachings to everyone?

That is precisely what He is doing…right here, right now in these very verses. Let he who has eyes, see… For those who cannot see, those who are not at a point of readiness for comprehending these teachings, attempts to explain them can only cause confusion and unhappiness and no good will come of it. Consequently, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna (and us) not to rock their boat by trying to force-feed them, but instead, support them in their endeavors and look toward their happiness in what they do, and to continue to practice these teachings ourselves.

Verses 22-26, How to Save the World in a Nutshell

22-24: For me, there is nothing whatever to do or to attain in all the three worlds. Even so, I engage in action. If I did not engage in tireless action, all of humankind would most certainly follow my path. If I did not perform action, I would ruin these three worlds. I would be a maker of confusion and destroy all living beings.

25-26: The non-knower acts with attachment, but the knower should act unattached for the sake of holding the world together. But the knower should not disturb the minds of the unwise who act with attachment to actions, but instead, inspire delight in all their actions, while yourself constantly practicing unattached action.

Coming this weekend: Liberation!

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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3 thoughts on “III:25-26 How to Save the World, Conclusion

  1. Play with it. Enjoy the process. Laugh at the irony of it all. Think of God a all the time. Talk to God or God-people (the folks who have already achieved success and are hanging out in better digs). Even though I speak of God in an impersonal manner, I talk to God all the time, and to my Board of Directors (guru, immortal masters, adepts, etc.). But don’t tell anyone. I’m too old to get locked up as a lunatic.


  2. Galen

    Durga Ma again thank you.

    I am exhausted with all matters internally and externally, yesterday and today I thought it would be good to leave this body all because of an attachment. This attachment filtered into every aspect of my life leaving all things revealed. I became despondent and still linger in this mood. I am feeling empty and each thought holds no relevance as to a course of action. Earlier this morning I picked up material, proceeded to gain information to succeed with this attachment. Ironically, perhaps with a little less attachment.

    In always a friend


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