III:28-29 Fast Track to Freedom, Conclusion

By persisting with the practice of the teachings as prescribed by Lord Krishna, enlightenment begins as simple knowledge that you trust to be true, but do not entirely experience. Continuing with your practice, you come to experience and understand it. Over time it becomes so obvious that it seems ludicrous to have ever thought otherwise. 


Having understood the truth about action and the gunas—that all actions are the gunas acting among themselves—one is not attached (stuck, bound).

“All actions are the gunas acting among themselves”

All action is the interaction of the primary properties of prakriti (f. Nature), the original producer, or power, of Creation. The three primary properties of prakriti are:

Rajas – very active, fast moving
Sattvas – smooth-flowing, easy-going
Tamas – very slow or still

It is these three modes of nature acting among themselves that is the cause of all action. This is encouraging—to divest yourself of ‘ego’ (ahamkara, ‘I do’) you have only to unconditionally accept this to be true. 

All action is the interaction of these three gunas and not of your doing no matter how it seems to your mind, or how you experience it or feel about it. It is not you. So when in Surrender Meditation you wonder if you made some kriya happen and begin to coubt your surrender, remember this: ALL ACTION is the interaction of the gunas.

Not understanding this, people become intoxicated by the gunas and attached to the actions of the gunas. These unhappy people who do not understand the whole of it, the complete knower should not disturb.

Confused and bewildered by the properties of nature, non-knowers fully engage themselves in actions and become attached to them as their own. Stuck in this belief, they cling to their investments—convinced of having done these actions themselves, they believe the fruits of these actions to be their own as well. This makes letting go very difficult and creates karma that continues to hold them in the bondage of good and bad actions. Still, people cling to this mode of living when simply understanding and accepting the truth about action could put them on the fast track to freedom.

This verse is not telling you that you have to be a fully enlightened sage. You have but to accept these teachings about action as the truth. This is not so very difficult. It is certainly easier than living in bondage just to be able to keep an ego in tact.

Self-reference:  As you go about your usual day, think about this from time to time, e.g., you pick up a file folder from a desk, you notice this action and remind yourself of this teaching: “This is Nature’s doing.” Have fun and see what happens. Make a few notes to remind yourself of your observations, and let us hear from you. (Click “Leave a Reply” below.)

Having given you this simple exercise, I do hope I have not overly “disturbed” your mind. If I have, I am fairly certain that you will pass over this self-referencing bit and ignore the whole thing, no harm done. On the other hand, if your mind is not too “disturbed” and you give it a go, you are probably on your way to a subtle but very powerful shift within yourself and your life.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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4 thoughts on “III:28-29 Fast Track to Freedom, Conclusion

  1. Galen

    Dear Laughtalotananda thank you for bringing laughter into this life, your hilarious. Yes I am practicing seeing myself in others and observing movement that is divine in nature and realizing that this body, mind, ego our part of this divine nature; yet in “truth” I am not part of this nature. Hard to wrap myself around what I just said.

    Pretend that your a board, lets say a sounding board, how does the above sound as it bounces off you?

    You see Laughtalotananda what you have created?

    Always a friend


  2. I feel as if there may be a confusion if we surrender to nature or actions of the nature, instead of surrendering to the source of that nature? Sometimes in my sadhana I get worried if I am just surrendering wildly, OR I am surrendering to the Ultimate, to the source of gunas, of nature, of all the actions and activities that come up in this body, mind and feelings… I assume, following Yogeshwar’s advice, that the initial intention to surrender to God only is enough. Is it possible to become confused sometimes along the way, and substitute surrendering to actions of nature instead of surrendering to their source, Lord?
    I wanted to share here with you an experience I had while doing a 14-day long Enlightenment Intensive many, many years ago… The above comments on verses reminded me of that. I was contemplating the question “What life is” and during one of the breaks I was sitting on the floor contemplating, with my eyes open, while some other participants decided to take a nap. Then, one of them got up, and went out of the room. As my glance fell upon him, I suddenly realized he just thought he was doing that!! I mean, getting up, walking… he just believed he was doing that but in reality he did not! I was so startled, that I run out of the room, and then saw another two brushing their teeth outside, and as they were doing that it looked just as an illusion, I clearly saw that action, but in reality I saw no REAL action taking place, it is very, very hard to put it in proper words – they believed they were doing it, but they were not! It all seemed just as a huge illusion, appearance, that we believe we are doing things, while we are not, in fact.
    Thank you, Durga Ma, for all your teaching and inspiration. Bless you!


  3. Dear Galen

    I laugh a lot about that, too. I think I will change my name to Swami Laughalotananda.

    I had just come in to check that this issue got up (I had it scheduled) and found your message. I had been thinking about how silly it all is, how funny. And how sad. Sad that we have so much potential and all we can think about is the next desire, and that desires are bald-faced liars seducing us away from that potential and keeping us safely ignorant.

    Well shoot. I think I’ll go back to my meditation.



  4. Galen

    Thank you Durga Ma

    Yes I will practice the exercise and thank you for everything that you do or that you don’t, oh I don’t know who is doing what. Hahahah


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