IV:7-9 An Avatar Through the Ages

We have discovered that Krishna, in his extraordinary wisdom, has employed the art of governing his supernatural power to manifest himself in this world. Now we will learn why he does this, and when.


When there is a decrease of righteousness, Descendent of Bharata, and an increase of unrighteousness, I manifest myself…

Lord Krishna addresses Arjuna as Descendent of Bharata. Bharata, the name of India, means ‘constantly engaged in seeking Knowledge’. Arjuna’s present situation is the result of this characteristic.

…for the protection of seekers and sages and to remove evil doers. For the sake of establishing righteousness, I come into being in each yuga.

One who is an avatara is not subject to limitations. A manifestation of God on Earth may even consist of multiple manifestations that may occur at any time, anywhere, even simultaneously, according to the avatara’s wish. The avatara of Vishnu occurs with the change of one age into the next, in this case as Krishna. The four ages, or yugas, are:

  • Iron Age: Kali Yuga (Yoke of Abuse) – The Age of Anger and Injury – Fear Yoked. Hypocrisy, despair, suffering, afflicted and limited consciousness. The Kali Yuga is the darkest age, and the shortest. Humanity is as vulnerable as a babe.
  • Bronze Age:  Dvapara Yuga (Yoke of Twos) – The Age of Duality – Opposites Yoked. Two times as long as the Kali Yoga. This and that, black and white, all or nothing—humankind bares these characteristics of a toddler as it emerges from the Kali Yuga.
  • Silver Age: Treta Yuga (Yoke of Threes) – The Age of Triads – Accelerated Evolution Yoked. Three times as long as the Kali Yuga. This and that and other possibilities—human consciousness rises and goes beyond the all-or-nothing mentality of the previous age to become adolescent. The ability to comprehend abstract concepts and alternate realities, and the acceptance of the great potential inherent in each individual, becomes the norm.
  • Golden Age: Satya Yuga (Yoke of Truth) – The Age of Truth – God Yoked. Four times as long as the Kali Yuga. Also called Krita Yuga (Accomplishment Yoked). The hight of human potential in which all possibilities exist and come to fruition, including all-consciousness, abundance, goodness, telepathic communication, wisdom, kindness and peace among all is the norm. Humanity attains maturity.

The Kali Yuga is said to last for 432,000 years, the Dvapara Yuga 864,000 years, the Treta Yuga 1,296,000 years, and the Satya Yuga 1,728,000 years. The completion of all four yugas is a Mahayuga, 4,320,000 years. According to this system, we are now in the Kali Yuga, which began in 3102 BC.

The Vedas give the yugas in great lengths of time, but others see shorter cycles. Some see the yugas arranged in two arcs of four yugas, four ascending and four descending. As for my own opinion, I think they are all correct, but then I tend to think in terms of ‘wheels within wheels’, the smaller wheels consisting of ascending and descending arcs with shorter yugas, putting us in an ascending Dvapara Yuga transpiring in the context of a Vedic Mahayuga (one cycle of all four yugas, 4,320,000 years). For another person’s take on the yugas, which I find to be credible and personally useful, visit this page and play the video.

I also see the concept of yugas as applicable to a single continent, country, region, or to you, or even to various aspects of you as a person. The concept of yugas can be applied to each of us because, as we discovered in pervious installments, each of us exists everywhere in everything at all times.

On any journey it is helpful to know where we are with respect to where we started and where we are going. Using the characteristics of the four yugas can present us with a broad over-all picture of where we stand. Once we know where we are, we have a better idea of what is to come, what can be attained, and how to get there.

Self-reference: You have your own four ages within you, within your life, and within the cycling of your lifetimes. Which personal yuga, or age, are you living right now? Before you answer this question for yourself, contemplate the question until you have an answer and write it down somewhere. You are welcome to write it here and share it with us by clicking on “Leave a reply” at the bottom of this page.

Arjuna, one who knows the true reality of My divine, supernatural birth and actions, once having left the body, is not reborn but comes to Me.

“One who knows”, feels, witnesses, experiences God, Reality, Truth. The Sanskrit vetti is knowledge gained through experience, not just book-learning or hearing about it. What is experienced is tattvataḥ, Truth, the true state of anything, true Reality, in this instance, the true Reality and principles (tattvas) governing “My divine, supernatural birth and actions” as revealed experientially.

Understanding this is essential if we expect to die and would become one with Krishna, God, so we will look further into this in our next installment.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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