IV:19-21 The Inevitable Success of Surrender…

These verses describe the circumstances in Surrender Meditation. But the really good news is that each one is followed by the next naturally and effortlessly, making it impossible not to succeed.

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4 

For one who abandons desire and willful intent in all undertakings, karma is consumed in the fire of Wisdom. The wise consider such a person to be a sage.

There is no willful intent without desire. By luring us away from desire, Lord Krishna leads us away from willful action to Wisdom in surrender to Him, to God, to Truth, and to the attainment of His state.

The will is inactive when there is no desire. When there is no desire there is no intention, for there is nothing to motivate it. When there is no intention, even though one acts, no will is employed and one’s actions are not binding. Thus does the fire of Wisdom burn away willful intent and free us of our karma.

“One who abandons desire and willful intent in all undertakings
The word for ‘undertakings’ means ‘beginnings’. This is the way all Surrender Meditation sessions begin: with the abandonment of desire and willful intent. By letting go of any desires for meditation to be any certain way or to produce any certain results, there is naturally no willful intent.

Abandonment of desire does not mean that you are going to instantly become desireless in your life. Desires are inevitable, but you don’t have to submit to them. Willful intent only arises when you do. It is actually very easy to let go of willful intent by not falling into this trap. Surrender Meditation provides the opportunity to experience this for a short period of time each day, and become skilled at it.

“Actions are consumed in the fire of Wisdom”
Once in the meditation room, this release allows for the natural awakening of the evolutionary energy, kundalini. The Wisdom gained through personal experience of action in meditation ignites this evolutionary force and frees one from the bondage of actions born of willful intent—karma.

The union of the warming sun energy and the cooling moon energy (hatha yoga) causes the evolutionary force to accelerate and function as ‘fire’. Fire is purifying. It burns everything in its path that is combustible, i.e., impurities, not only of a physical nature, but of the mind and of karma itself, leaving behind only what is pure: ashes. This is the work of the evolutionary fire, kundalini.

One who has renounced all attachment to the results of action is always satisfied and independent, and even when engaged in action, does, in effect, nothing at all.

“One who has renounced all attachment to the results of action”
For Surrender Meditation to be successful, one lets go of any desires or expectations in meditation, including desires regarding the outcome of the meditation. This is easier than you may think. One need only remind oneself that this is for a specific period of time, and then you go back to normal life where desire, will and intent again inject themselves. What you do about that is another matter, but your surrender in meditation is the key to Wisdom and your ultimate freedom.

“Even when engaged in action, does, in effect, nothing at all.”
In other words, action performed with this understanding and in the manner described, is not action at all as far as you are concerned.

No matter what happens in Surrender Meditation, you are not doing it. Something is doing it, but not you. Until you experience this for yourself, you begin with trust, gather knowledge and experience, and your trust will transform into faith. Once you have experienced the truth of this in meditation for yourself, you will not quit your meditation practice, because this is the one place where your are “always satisfied and independent”.

Performing action with the body alone, indifferent to desire, without self-consciousness, without holding onto anything, one incurs no fault.

In Surrender Meditation, spontaneous actions (kriyas) will occur under the conditions mentioned in these verses.

You are secluded in your meditation room where you will not feel self-conscious or shy. You have abandoned any expectations or desires regarding your meditation and its outcome. You have easily let go of having to be in control because you have given it to God. You are not holding on to anything, for you have surrendered yourself to God, Truth, the Absolute. And even though actions occur, you are not doing anything at all. Shakti, the activating force of nature, carries out all actions of the body, feelings and mind. Under these conditions you cannot incur any fault—you cannot fail. Success is inevitable. The simple truth is this simple meditation.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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