IV:26-27 Direct Perception…

Before one reaches a true meditative state, the senses withdraw from their objects and separate from the sense organs. The result of this is direct perception, the ability to use your powers of sense without their organs. 

Nada Yoga – Divine Sound Union 

Among the senses, hearing is the first offered into the fire of samyama. Sound is the first sense object offered into the fire of the senses.

  • The senses – hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling.
  • Fire – Power, energy, a force.
  • Sense object – sound, etc.
  • The fire of the senses  The powers of sense.

“Among the senses, hearing is the first offered into the fire of samyama
In the previous verses, the offering was oneself through surrender to God/Truth. This verse tells us the result of this.

When the gateways of the senses have been closed in pratyahara, the intake of sense stimuli ceases and nothing can enter and stimulate activity in the mind. In this still-minded state, one’s powers of perception are free of their physical organs. This experience begins with hearing.

Pratyahara — Spontaneous withdrawal of the senses. The stages of pratyahara are given in a previous post, “Meditation Isn’t What You Think”.

As a result of pratyahara, the life energy stops moving, so the attention and the mind also stop, and the life energy becomes concentrated in one place, producing a meditative state that deepens into samadhi.

“The fire of samyama”
Here, ‘fire’ is a reference to the evolutionary force, kundalini, as the agent of the achievement of samyama, indicating that it is She*, God, who does this, not the practitioner.

Samyama — (1) ‘Restraint, holding-together’. (2) ‘Concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana) and samadhi taken together’.

*She — 'She' is God, Goddess Kundalini. All forms of power are female.

Sound is the first sense object offered into the fire of the senses.
The first experience of this is nada, the vibratory phenomena of energy that is sound heard directly in meditation. Sound is first because it is the subtlest and the first manifestation of Creation. 

Nada — ‘Resonation, vibration, sound’.

This experience is Nada Yoga, Divine Sound Union. Some people teach yoga using sound in order to try to generate this experience, but it is a natural result of Surrender Meditation where its advent is the amazing and blissful direct experience described below, that happens spontaneously. Any doubts about the power of surrender are blown away with this experience.

How to Know God

Due to samyama, brought about by the fire of yoga-kundalini, all actions of the senses and the life energy illuminate and bring about Wisdom. 

Yoga-kundalini — ‘Union-accelerated evolutionary force’.

Evolution is going on all the time in spite of ourselves, but through yoga, it is accelerated due to its release from the domination of the will through surrender. This force of nature is Kundalini, a different kind of ‘fire’ that is not about heat or burning, but accelerated evolution.

Because of the restraint (samyama) caused by the fire of yoga-kundlaini, ALL actions of ALL the senses and PRANA (the Life Energy) are illuminated, and what happens with hearing and sound now happens with ALL the senses.

You have entered into samadhi (samyama). You have gotten yourself out of the way (atmasamyama, restrained yourself) by surrendering yourself to God/Truth, so now, all the actions of all the senses and the life energy illuminate the Real—what is Real manifests of its own light…literally. You cannot make this happen with your will.

Illuminated (dīpite) — visible of its own light; perceived directly.

By letting go of using of the five senses to ingest information into the mind for our own purposes, we also free their partner, the life energy, Prana. The result of this is the manifestion of Wisdom.

Where knowledge was previously gained indirectly by means of the senses, knowledge is now transformed into Wisdom born of direct perception. God, Truth, The Real, is known directly.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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  1. Dear Ma,

    Thankyou. It is the highlight of my Saturday morning routine to receive and contemplate your ‘tidbits’ over coffee. This is so poignantly descriptive of the experience… Like the Wikipedia or webMD of the stages of sadhana. I am (the abstract mind that occupies my current meat-suit!) so grateful for your grounded and precise wisdom. Jaya Bhagavan!!


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