IV:31 The Ultimate Payoff…

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Most cultures have some kind of mythological tale about immortality. This is not considered a myth by some yogis, but one of the byproducts of crossing the finish line. My guru’s guru is over 2000 years old, so there must be something to it. 

Those who drink the sacrificial remnant, amṛta, reach Absolute Brahman. This world is not without sacrifice, so how then can one gain the other without it, Best of Kurus

Sacrifice is not a no-pain-no-gain proposition. It is a function of nature and of change. Something goes in order for something to come. The ocean sacrifices to the sky and it rains. The world depends upon sacrifice for its very existence, so it is impossible to avoid. That is all there is to it. It is not a hard thing, but a natural one.

It is equally natural that by drinking amrita, the nectar of immortality, which has become what it is through sacrifice, immortality would come about. By achieving permanence, one reaches The Absolute, which is by definition permanent. One sacrifices ‘change’ to reach the ‘un-changing’.

Kundalini and Amrita, the Nectar of Immortality

‘Drinking’ is understood as ingesting, or absorbing. Amrita is not something you pour into a cup and swallow. It is a biochemical, hormonal byproduct of the energy flowing up-stream. Normally the moon energy, apana, flows down-stream to clear the body of dross, but when kundalini is fully awake and making itself up-trended, apana follows suit. Some apana remains available for bodily functions, but the general trend is up and in, instead of down and out. This trend first triggers soma (amrita in its incomplete state) until it is completely pure: amrita. This process comes to be known in samadhi.

Many people believe that their kundalini is awake due to the experiencing of various phenomena. It should be understood that a fully awake kundalini is extremely rare. The phenomena considered to be the work of kundalini, including those concerning chakras, are produced by prana, not kundalini. This includes the upper chakras as well as the lower chakras. The kundalini does not even begin to become fully awake until the advent of khechari mudra, which has earlier stages before it is actually a mudra (seal). This process also becomes known in samadhi, and is unmistakable.

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva wears the moon in His hair indicating that the normally downward trending moon energy, apana, has reversed its flow and now flows upward.

The snake at the throat indicates kundalini at the vishuda chakra (‘wheel of purity’) and khechari mudra.

The stream at the top of Lord Shiva’s head is amrita, the nectar of immortality.

In Lord Shiva’s lower left hand are mala beads for the repetition of the mantra japa that awakens Kundalini. (The mantra written on the stone linga before Him is “Om Namah Shivaya”).

In the upper left hand, is the dun-dun (a small drum) that causes Kundalini to raise her head.

In the lower right hand, the water pot has been put aside, indicating that jalandhara bandha (the throat lock) has completed and has transformed into khechari mudia (moving in the air seal), meaning that kundalini’s upward movement through the central channel (sushumna nadi) is established.

In the upper right hand is a standing trident, suggesting that the moon-energy (apana), sun-energy (prana) and Kundalini now act as a single instrument.

“This world is not without sacrifice…”
In this world, everyone is constantly engaged in sacrifice. The world itself could not exist without it, and without this world, how could we ever reach the Absolute? It is why we are here.

“Best of Kurus”
Lord Krishna addresses Arjuna as the Best of Kurus (‘Doers’). We may wonder about this after all we have heard about the necessity of attaining a state of non-doing. But we must remember where we are. We are with Arjuna and Krishna on the Field of Dharma-Doing*. Action will continue to happen. There’s no getting out of it. But it is our dharma to rise above taking the credit for it, for it is a feature of nature, and we are not nature. By using this epithet, Krishna is acknowledging that Arjuna is finally beginning to understand this truth about action.

* Read "The Dharma of Doing" in The Heavenly Shining Ones and Great Expectations.

Remember that we are discussing the nectar of the sacrificial remnants, the ashes left after sacrificial fire burns everything burnable (impurities). These ashes, or remnants, are pure. They are the amrita. We are here for this purpose of reaching the Absolute and becoming absolutely free. And some say, immortal.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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