IV:32-33 The Knowledge Sacrifice…

Union with The Absolute is complete fulfillment. In this exquisite bliss, no desires linger—no wants and no needs, no doing and nothing to know—for the individual is One with all that is, all that could ever be known. It is the abode of absolute fulfillment, arrived at through the spiritual adventure of gain by chance

From verse 24 to the present, we have heard teachings on the subject of sacrifice, and now we arrive at this conclusion:

32 – 33
Thus do sacrificial offerings of many kinds lead to the entrance to The Absolute. Know this: Their origin is action! By this knowledge sacrifice will you be liberated. It is superior to material sacrifices, for all action, without exception, is contained in it; and by it, all karma, without exception, is finished.

Sacrifice — The act of worship, devotion, offering.

Nowhere is there even a remote suggestion of blood offerings, or even hardship, in the word for ‘sacrifice’. In fact, contained in the Sanskrit word for sacrifice, is the word for wisdom.

“The knowledge sacrifice” – Correct knowledge and understanding of the truth about action, by means of written teachings, oral teachings from the guru, and personal experience in meditation.

“Sacrificial offerings of many kinds lead to the entrance to The Absolute”
All sacrifices, ranging from the most mundane to the most profound, exist and convey one between the here-and-now and the entrance to absorption in The Absolute. The entrance to the Absolute is the Relative realm in which we live. So in other words, we are in the right place to achieve this. And ultimately, everyone and everything here in this Relative world, whether one is spiritually on board or not, is headed in that direction, whether they know it or not.

The Absolute, God’s Highest Existence:
Parabrahman – independent, eternal, beyond change.

The Relative, God’s Inferior Existence:
– growth, expansion, evolution.

“Their origin is action!”
Beginning with verse 24, Krishna innumerates the many ways in which people ‘sacrifice’, including such things as breathing in and out, and reminds us that sacrifice is born of action. Action is the subject of this and the previous chapter, so we know that it is not only important to understand action, but that its true understanding must be very difficult to grasp, for it has taken so long to tell us!

All sacrifices take place on the material plane, but “the knowledge sacrifice is superior”: The correct knowledge and understanding of action is what makes action a ‘sacrifice’ that will result in liberation.

To reach the highest state of God-realization, one offers the highest sacrifice. Sacrifice of any kind involves action. The highest sacrifice, the highest action, is to offer oneself to the Absolute. This is done in the meditation room. Society will not thank you for trying it in the outside world. Teachings on how to go about making this highest of sacrifices properly are given in scriptures such as this one, and the Pashupat Sutras.

“By this knowledge will you be liberated … all karma, without exception, is finished”
Once we have this knowledge and understand it, we can overcome our karma and achieve freedom from its bondage by putting it into action. This action, this sacrifice, this practice, is known as Karma Yoga, Action Yoga. In these verses, Lord Krishna has been telling us what this is. In the next verse, He will tell us what is required of us to achieve it.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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  1. galen

    Thank you Durga Ma. i can hardly wait for the next verse. Do you have it now? Go ahead and send it by all means. What’ holding you back? “ACTION”


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