NOTICE: FaceBook Lockout

I have been locked out of my Facebook and all followers have been lost. After hours and hours over a period several days of jumping through all the hoops Facebook could throw at me, I have finally given up and started a new Facebook site.

The Facebook button below no longer works, so please go to DurgaMaShakti and Follow me there. Then hop on over to MeditationEarth Facebook and see what I’m up to of late, and Follow me there. The plan is to ultimately make MeditationEarth, which is currently under construction, my primary website.

I know nothing about how to use Facebook, so please continue to contact me here at Mystical Tidbits using the “Leave a Reply” option below, until such time as I am able to navigate Facebook properly.

This message will be repeated until I figure out how to change the button link to go to the new Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “NOTICE: FaceBook Lockout

  1. Dear Brahmananda,

    I couldn’t agree more. MeditationEarth is going to replace me personally in FaceBook and even as a website. Who would search for a Durga Ma? What is a Durga Ma? So I decided to take a different approach. I have never liked Facebook, and if things go the usual way of internet fickleness, it will probably lose its importance anyway, in time. It heartens me to know I am not alone in this. Thank you.


  2. Dear Ma, I know that some of my friends who had profile names like pseudonyms or spiritual, ministerial names etc. were blocked by FB and asked to present a scan of valid ID with their given names and change profile to those… It is stupid FB policy – anybody could put some false name, but it is OK with them as long as it is not a pseudonym or alias… FB is becoming more and more like some virtual Big Brother from Orwell’s 1984, and I sincerely use it only for jokes and quick communication with close friends and relatives, I abandoned trying to use it for anything deep or serious. Opening a profile for a company or group is different thing. Maybe you could try that? A page for “Durga Ma School of Meditation” or similar? It is different option from just personal FB profile. Probably Arthur could help, if he usually helps you with these internet things… Having a solid web page and blog is better for serious communication and interchange, if you ask me…

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